Patrick Stewart’s Newest Foster Dog Won’t Stop Smiling

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Animals, specifically dogs, make for some of the best stories out there. This one is no exception. English actor Patrick Stewart and his wife have fostered dogs in the past, most notably a pitbull named Ginger. “It became clear, pretty much immediately, that Patrick and I were completely naïve. Within forty-eight hours of sharing our home with Ginger, we were head-over-heels in love,” his wife, Sunny, said.

Unfortunately, due to Ginger’s rear anterior cruciate ligaments being torn, she was not a candidate for adoption at that time. After she went through a successful surgery, she was eventually able to find a loving owner and forever home. However, this did not deter the family from fostering again.

Meet Emma, the 38-pound pocket pitbull mix

Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart’s foster dog / Instagram

While pitbulls and the pitbull-type breeds out there are stigmatized as vicious and dangerous, these breeds are actually some of the most loving and loyal breeds out there. They are very protective of their owners and require tons of affection and cuddles! Emma is no different.

Emma was taken into foster care by Stewart’s family by the same adoption center that Ginger was from. Emma seems to be very happy with her new (temporary) family, although we’re hoping that they’re able to take her in for good!

Meet Emma, our new foster girl from the beautiful folks at @WagsandWalks She’s terribly sweet, and so so good. Sensitive, intelligent, and gentle…all wrapped up in 38 pounds of pocket pittie-mix love. #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #pitbullsarelove #pitbullsarefamily

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) April 5, 2019

Stewart even posted an adorable video of the two cuddled up sleeping together. Many people noticed that Emma was all smiles as the two napped! “That’s her snoring, not me,” he says in the caption. So cute!

Afternoon couch nap yesterday with Miss Emma. (That’s her snoring not me.) #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #pitbullsarelove #pitbullsarefamily @WagsandWalks

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) April 6, 2019

Many people have taken to social media to thank Stewart for his efforts in helping these dogs, specifically, this misunderstood breed, find forever homes.

Patrick Stewart fostering dogs
Patrick Stewart fostering dogs / Twitter

“It’s wonderful that you foster these gorgeous dogs and I’ll bet they get snapped up as they should. But how do you let them go, I don’t think I could,” one Twitter user says. I’d be no different, as pitbulls are my favorite breed!

Patrick Stewart fostering dogs
Patrick Stewart fostering dogs / Twitter

Part of me wants to be a foster parent… but I know I’d have too much of a hard time giving them away after 10 seconds. Would you?

Patrick Stewart fostering dogs
Patrick Stewart fostering dogs / Twitter

One Twitter user commended the actor for helping this misunderstood breed.

With such specials laws in place in locations like the UK relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act, we’re happy to hear that Stewart is being proactive in destigmatizing this breed!

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Check out another video of Patrick Stewart and Emma that he posted on his Instagram below:

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In my experience as a foster dog dad for Ginger Gurl and now Miss Emma, I've seen how pitbulls deserve a happy home and cuddles, just like any other dog. Today is National Dogfighting Awareness Day and the @ASPCA is leading a campaign to help dogfighting victims find safe homes faster. Learn more at

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