Pat Sajak Accused Of Nepotism For Recent ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Comment

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27-year-old Maggie Sajak is a familiar face in front of the camera and behind the scenes of Wheel of Fortune. The daughter of host Pat Sajak, she serves as a social correspondent for the game show. However, some viewers are suggesting nepotism may influence what Sajak has in store next for her.

Maggie is Sajak’s daughter with his wife of over three decades, photographer Lesly Brown Sajak. Outside of her social correspondent work, she is known for her music career, in which she draws influence from Carrie Underwood and Sheryl Crow. But, some critics worry, she may add “game show host” to her resume through nepotism alone.

Critics feel Pat Sajak will let nepotism unfairly open doors for daughter Maggie

Wheel of Fortune viewers are accusing Pat Sajak of nepotism after a comment he made about Maggie Sajak
Wheel of Fortune viewers are accusing Pat Sajak of nepotism after a comment he made about Maggie Sajak / Instagram

This Tuesday, Maggie was present to join Sajak and letter-turner Vanna White in saying farewell. She’s coming off of some experience hosting Christmas Trivia alongside her father. During Tuesday’s episode, Sajak praised, “You were actually a good host!” Viewers took to social media and online discussion forums such as Reddit to discuss this statement.

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Was Sajak planting the seeds, enabled by nepotism, to get people acquainted with the idea of Maggie as a host? Some viewers think so, as one user said, “They are so grooming Maggie Sajak to take over for Vanna.” Another agreed, “Thought they could just slip her in. It would be great if someone else had the chance to prove themselves.” Yet another said, “The whole Maggie Sajak thing annoys me to no end. I cringe whenever they show her and her made-up ‘social correspondent’ job.”

The future of ‘Wheel of Fortune’


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Maggie has been serving as social correspondent, as part of the social media team, in 2021. But a video for her song “First Kiss” can be seen in Wheel of Fortune as far back as 2012. Then, when Sajak was recovering from surgery and White filled in as host, Maggie performed White’s letter-turning duties.

Wheel of Fortune social correspondent Maggie Sajak
Wheel of Fortune social correspondent Maggie Sajak / Instagram

A social media correspondent has a wide range of duties on any brand’s numerous platforms and pages. The individual communicates the brand voice and keeps fans fully updated on upcoming events and specials, bridging a vital gap. Will Maggie Smith be performing an even bigger role on Wheel of Fortune in the years to come? Sajak has said he’s closer to retirement than he is to that time when he was just starting. Who would you want to see host after he steps down?

Sajak and Lesly Brown
Sajak and Lesly Brown / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

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