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We begin this deep-dive into our old familiar toy chest with one of my favorite retro toys, the Lite-Brite. I loved making intricate and colorful extravaganzas on my Lite-Brite! One time, even leaving a vibrant display of our solar system on my Lite-Brite for months because I was so proud of it!

If you are like me and long for the days of creatively plugging colors into the darkness to make a beautiful picture, you’re in luck! The Lite-Brite, along with all of these vintage toys, are still available in some capacity on Amazon! Click here to purchase.

Lite Brite

DId you ever have a Lite-Brite?
the original clown – Flickr

Another game that was simple yet riveting was Waterful Ring Toss! The power of water currents always kept things interesting in this simple, yet challenging game!

The version we found on Amazon is very similar to our original, but it is smaller and more handheld! Click here to purchase this nostalgic toy.

Waterful Ring Toss

Following the Lite-Brite, my second favorite toy from my youth was Stretch Armstrong! I carried it around with me constantly for what seemed like years. My brothers and I would pull Stretch’s arms as hard as we could to see if we were strong enough to break the flexible man!

This is a reissue so reports of the toy being a little different than the original should be noted. One review states, “doesn’t seem as soft and pliable and stretchy as he was in the ’70’s.” Even if just for the novelty, check out the new and ‘improved’ Stretch Armstrong!  And now, you can click right here and buy one to take a stroll down memory lane.

Stretch Armstrong

The amazing Stretch Armstrong toy.
Stretch_Armstrong_toy – Wikimedia Commons

Let’s See Some Retro Toys That We Collected

The first stop on the shelf of collectibles is Trolls! You most certainly remember these crazy-haired Troll dolls.

These spiked-hair figurines would be atop our #2 pencils or covering our binders in school. You’ll be pleased to know, that we found some available today! Click here to buy this toy that would make a great gift for anyone, both young and old!

Troll Dolls

A large collection of vintage Troll Dolls.
Troll Doll – Wikipedia

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? Of course you do! Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by two housewives! More than 40 years later, you can still find these and give your kids or grandkids similar experiences to what we had! Click here to buy!

I still have a Shrinky Dink ornament that I made when I was little. It was a little Elf that I still put on my tree every Christmas!

Shrinky Dinks

One of the newer toys on this list is the lovable Beanie Baby! Created in 1986, these babies became an internet sensation in 1995 (perhaps the first-ever) and people all over the country began frantically collecting these furry friends!

Check out some Beanie Babies today. I know we all still have our ‘valuable’ collection! If you don’t, be sure to check some out here on Amazon and purchase a few!

Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were a huge sensation in 1995.
Lot of Beanie Babies – Flickr

The last of the retro toys from our playing as kids: Cats Cradle! We made a video to remind you of how to do it!

If you loved Army Men growing up, check out the Army Women that are new to the line! 

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