Our Favorite Arts & Theatre Streaming Service Adds Exciting New Productions

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If you love heading out for a night of theatre or opera, you might be wishing you could watch at home. Can you imagine wearing comfy clothes, sipping a cup of tea, and getting front row seats to the newest and best art productions? Now, you can!

Marquee.TV is being called the “Netflix of the Arts” and offers high-quality, front row access to the world’s best theatre, opera, and dance productions. There’s something for every Dance, Theatre and Opera lover on this culturally curated app.

New Shows Offered on Marquee.TV Right Now

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One of the newest offerings is an Italian opera called Aida. The production Aida follows Ethiopian princess Aida. According to Marquee.TV, “She has fallen in love with Radames, a young Egyptian warrior who returns her feelings. Amneris, the daughter of Egypt pharaoh also loves Radames who is uneasy when she realizes the feelings between Radames and Aida.”

New productions on Marquee.TV / Facebook

Next up is Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Based off the popular book and films, “Alice encounters a cast of extraordinary and instantly recognizable characters, from the highly strung Queen of Hearts – who performs a hilarious send-up of The Sleeping Beauty’s famous Rose Adage – to a playing card corps de ballet, a sinuous caterpillar and a tap-dancing Mad Hatter. But the ballet does not avoid the darker undercurrents of Lewis Carroll’s story: a nightmarish kitchen, an eerily disembodied Cheshire Cat and the unhinged tea party are all here in vivid detail.”

Shakespeare plays on Marquee.TV / Facebook

If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you can watch a production of Othello on Marquee.TV. Othello is about “a fearsome warrior, loving husband and revered defender of Venice against its enemies. But he is also an outsider whose victories have created enemies of his own, men driven by prejudice and jealousy to destroy him. As they plot in the shadows, Othello realizes too late that the greatest danger lies not in the hatred of others, but his own fragile and destructive pride.”

Here’s How to Watch Now

Production on Marquee.TV / Facebook

If you want to watch any of these productions from the comfort of your own home, sign up for Marquee.TV. You can watch on your television or on your mobile device for only $8.99 per month after a FREE 14-day trial. This service is great for bringing culture to contemporary platforms and new audiences.

Marquee.TV is a public service that is now available in the UK, US, and Canada. It will be expanding globally this year. Be sure to SHARE this article to spread the news about this incredible new streaming platform!

Be one of the first to get in on the experience and sign up now with the first 14 days FREE!

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