Only 2% Of People Can Solve These 6 Riddles. Can You?

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Do you think you are super smart? Riddles can be fun and they are a great exercise for your brain. Sometimes, riddles are so hard that not many people can solve them. Apparently, only about 2% of people can solve the six riddles below.

Here are some ridiculously hard riddles. See if you can solve any of these!

1. Can you correct this flawed equation without changing the numbers around at all? 8 + 8 = 91.


ANSWER: Think outside the box for this one. If you flip the equation upside down, you have your answer! It becomes 16 = 8 + 8. Pretty clever, right? Did you get it right?

2. If someone fell into a 100 foot well and would climb up 10 feet every single day, but fell back down 6 feet every night while sleeping… how many days would it take for them to get out?


ANSWER: Did you figure it out yet? It would take 24 days! Does your brain hurt yet?

3. A man was kidnapped and put in a room with nothing inside except a pipe sticking out of the floor with a ping pong ball at the bottom. He had to get the ping pong ball to escape. How did he do it?

ping pong

ANSWER: With nothing else to get the ping-pong ball out, the man peed into the pipe, which allowed the ping pong ball to float to the top where he could grab it. Kind of gross, but clever!

4. A woman is trying to poison her husband to receive his wealth. He knows about the scheme so he only eats the same foods as her. However, one day she offers him an apple. He says he will eat it if she cuts it down the middle and eats the other half. The apple poisoned him but she remains healthy. How did she do it?


ANSWER: She only poisoned one side of the knife so when she cut it, she only poisoned one half of the apple.

5. A scientist is stabbed in the lab and his co-workers are suspects named Alex, Nicola, Michael, and James. Before the scientist died, he wrote down “28, 27, 57”. Can you figure out who killed him?


ANSWER: The numbers he wrote down were from the periodic table of elements. Now can you figure it out? 28 corresponds to NI (Nickel), 27 corresponds to CO (Cobalt) and 57 corresponds to LA (Lanthanum). Why wouldn’t the scientist just have written her name? Well because this is a riddle, duh!

6. A man lived alone in a small home and never left. The only people he saw were the mailman, a newspaper delivery boy, and a grocery delivery person. The mailman found the man dead. The police found a loaf of bread, keys, a few bottles of milk, some pills, and Tuesday’s newspaper. Who killed him?


ANSWER: It was the newspaper delivery man! You might have noticed that only Tuesday’s paper was left. He didn’t bother to deliver any more newspapers after he killed the man.

How did you do? Did you guess any of the answers? If you got them all right, you are a genius!

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