Olivia Newton-John Calls Experiencing Cancer ‘A Gift’

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Despite going through three cancer battles, one of them being current, Olivia Newton-John has found that it has kept her the most positive she’s ever been. She even likes to sing to herself “I’m healthy, I’m strong” every day to remind herself of how far she has come. “I think it’s very important to keep that positive message in your head,” she says. “You know, if you have a difficult moment, music is always a great healer.”

In 2018, Newton-John had to basically learn how to walk again after the cancer had spread and she fractured the base of her spine. “I was so weak. I had a walker, a cane and crutches, but now I’m walking around.” She’s been doing a lot better since then! She even goes on to call cancer a gift, and here’s why.

This is why Olivia Newton-John calls cancer a gift

Olivia Newton-John Calls Experiencing Cancer 'A Gift'
Olivia Newton-John / YouTube/60 Minutes

“Three times lucky, right?” she asks, still smiling, according to The Guardian. “I’m going to look at it like that. Listen, I think every day is a blessing. You never know when your time is over; we all have a finite amount of time on this planet, and we just need to be grateful for that.”

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Alongside surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy, medicinal cannabis has been a huge help for Newton-John in improving her quality of life. Her husband, John Easterling, grows cannabis at their ranch as part of the Amazon Herb Company. “I was nervous of it in the beginning. But I could see the benefits once I started using it. It helps with anxiety, it helps with sleep, it helps with pain.”

The Olivia Newton-John Foundation


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After having and sharing her experience with plant medicine, she went on to form The Olivia Newton-John Foundation, which dedicates research into more holistic therapies for cancer patients. “I’m not telling anyone to do anything,” she confirms. “I just want to do the research and find out which things work.”

Since Newton-John has been experiencing holistic healing therapies, she revealed she once tried ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic brew that is used in the Amazon for healing. This was way back in the day though, participating in a ritual in the Peruvian rainforest when she was 59 with Easterling. “It did change my life,” she says. “If I hadn’t had that experience, I might not be married to John now. I had the most incredible visions when I was under the influence of it. It was amazing.”


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As for dealing with cancer, she can’t imagine how her life would be without it at this point. “I don’t know what I would be without it now. I see it as my life’s journey. It gave me purpose and intention and taught me a lot about compassion.” She adds that cancer has been “a gift.” “I don’t wish it on anyone else. But for me, it’s been important in my life.”

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