New ‘That ’90s Show’ Trailer Features The Forman Parents & Some New Faces

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Netflix has released the first teaser for the much-anticipated spin-off That ’90s Show to the delight of the original That ’70s Show fans. Like the original sitcom, the spin-off features a lot of mischief from Leia Forman and her new acquaintance next door while on a visit with Donna to grandparents Red, played by Kurtwood Smith, and Kitty, played by Debra Jo Rupp, for the summer.

Netflix announced in October 2021 that the sequel series was in the works, but before then, a previous spin-off, That ’80s Show, was released and lasted for a short time after the original ended after its eight-season run. Rupp, Smith, Grace, Prepon, Jackie, Michael, and Fez will be reprising their roles in the new spin-off.

A Peek Into The Anticipated Show


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A description of the 1995-set series gives us an insight into what to expect, of course, lots of youthful shenanigans. “Leia finds what she’s looking for right next door when she meets the dynamic and rebellious Gwen. With the help of Gwen’s friends, including her lovable brother Nate, his smart, laser-focused girlfriend Nikki, the sarcastic and insightful Ozzie, and the charming Jay, Leia realizes adventure could happen there just like it did for her parents all those years ago. Excited to reinvent herself, she convinces her parents to let her stay for the summer. With a basement full of teens again, Kitty is happy the Forman house is now a home for a new generation and Red is, well… Red.”

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That '90s show
THAT ’70S SHOW, cast photo. Front row from left: Don Stark, Tanya Roberts, Mila Kunis, Lisa Robin Kelly, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith; back row from left: Wilmer Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, 1998-2006. ph: Robert Sebree / ©20th Century Fox Film Corp. / courtesy Everett Collection

The iconic Forman basement, known for housing memories of mischief and fun by youngsters, features again in this new sequel. With Kitty’s permission, Leia and her friends head down to the basement. “OK, kids. The basement is all yours,” Kitty says.

More On ‘That ’90s Show’

While Kitty met the rowdy twins with a bit more sweetness, Red was quite stern about their presence in the house. Grandpa Red tells them to have the “lights on, shorts on and no dancing,” however, they do quite the opposite— partying and kissing with party cups in each hand.

Red is not pleased and warns Leia, “If they go in my room my foot goes in their ass.” The group of friends ends up getting kicked out, with Red ordering them to “get out” and Kitty telling them not to “be a stranger” while gifting them baked goods.

That '90s show

Some of the original cast will make a comeback, and they look forward to entertaining us as much as we anticipate. “It was super nostalgic and really odd. Going back into the basement– just going back into the set was weird,” Ashton Kutcher told Entertainment Tonight. “And then being around everyone, it’s just bizarre.”

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