New Study Shows Which Fast Food Restaurant Has Fastest And Slowest Drive-Thrus

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A new study has been released showing which fast food restaurant has the fastest and slowest drive-thrus. Can you guess which has the fastest service and which has the slowest? You may be surprised at the list!

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen more people in convenient drive-thru lines than ever before. The study from SeeLevel HX tracked fast-food drive-thru wait times, and it was in 2020 that we saw a dramatic spike. Additionally, it showed that not all fast food lines are created equal as some people spent a good amount of time waiting in drive-thru lines than others depending on the restaurant.

The fastest and slowest fast-food drive-thrus

KFC / Hearst Connecticut Media / Christian Abraham

KFC actually took the lead on the fastest drive-thru with most customers making their way through in 283.3 seconds, otherwise known as four-and-a-half minutes. The slowest drive-thru time was Chick-fil-A with an average of a 488.8-seconds, which is just over eight minutes. Take a look at the full list and their wait times below.

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  • KFC – 283.3
  • Taco Bell – 310.2
  • Hardee’s – 321.6
  • Carl’s Jr. 341.6
  • Burger King – 344.3
  • McDonald’s – 349.3
  • Dunkin’ – 351.7
  • Wendy’s – 358.7
  • Arby’s – 394.2
  • Chick-fil-A – 488.8
Chick-fil-A / Scott Anderson/Patch

Are you shocked by any of these drive-thru times? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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