Moving Forward, Onward & Ahead.

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It’s a new begining here at RetroColect

Every time someone decides to call it a day, take a step back or simply sit back and enjoy their own achievements, creation, there’s always the added incentive that somebody else will step in to try and carry on the good work that the predecessor has worked so hard on.

How did we get here? Since 2010 the site has created a gravitational pull in the retro gaming community like none other. It’s the first place to go and the last place you’ll leave when it comes to the gaming relics of the past. For the past decade, RetroCollect has provided a central hub for those in the community to share, discuss and discover. For many, RetroCollect has almost become a second home on the internet, with forums and discussions spanning from modified systems to The Incredible Crash Dummies on the Super Nintendo.

The website has brought together us retro heads to celebrate what has for most of us, become more of a lifestyle than a hobby, more of a friendship than a past time and more of a dedication to the past than an escape from the present.

Dedicated members of staff and the community have helped to make RetroCollect the top place to go and have a natter about retro gaming. News, reviews, a dedicated Gaming Database & Rarity Guide and of course the forums have been at the forefront of the retro gaming community and everything that is good within the retro gaming scene.

Without the RetroCollect fan base that use the site daily, it wouldn’t be the place that it is today.

I’m happy, nervous and somewhat daunted by what I’m about to say next but at the same time, excited.

Shortly, at some point, maybe as I’m typing this or possibly as I’m playing Super Mario Kart for the eighteenth time this week , I’ll be taking over at  as chief editor, head honcho, end of game boss and Shang Tsung.

Big, big boots to fill, I know. But those who know me also know that I am actually fond of retro gaming. So I think we’ll be ok.

The present might be forever moving forward, but those old games are not going anywhere. The website has a huge following and presence in the retro gaming community, so lets keep that going.

Here’s to the future. 

Keep gaming, keep it retro.

Daniel Major



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