Melissa Gilbert Returns To The Prairie In Behind-The-Scenes Christmas Photo

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Spend the holidays with Half Pint this season! Little House on the Prairie saw Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls, who celebrated Christmas time and again with PA and all the rest. In celebration of Christmas 2022, Gilbert shared a unique behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Little House on the Prairie.

The picture alone provided a lot of insight into the production process; Gilbert had even more details to share in the captions. As a child actor, Gilbert got special enjoyment getting to celebrate Christmas multiple times each year. Then, that particular day of filming, immortalized in the photo Gilbert shared, proved very special for her family as it gained a new member.

Melissa Gilbert shares a photo from filming a ‘Little House on the Praire’ Christmas episode


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This holiday weekend, Gilbert posted a behind-the-scenes photo that shows the crew working with a giant fan that, combined with some fluffy white substance, simulates a snow flurry. Other crew members are seen standing by with more boxes full of faux snow.

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“We shot a special Christmas episode every season, it seemed,” mused Gilbert. “We would shoot them months before, so, for me, it felt like we were celebrating Christmas in summer. I absolutely loved those episodes. I was a little girl, and the chance to celebrate Christmas twice- once real and once reel was an unimaginable treat for me. For all of us.”

Step into the blizzard

Shooting Christmas episodes was very meaningful for Melissa Gilbert
Shooting Christmas episodes was very meaningful for Melissa Gilbert / Everett Collection

Gilbert went on to reveal that this particular photo was from filming “The Blizzard.” It’s easy for Gilbert to remember this date even amidst all the Christmas excitement, “because I got the greatest gift of my life to that point. My sister @thesaragilbert was born while we were filming. Apparently, Mike and the crew knew my mother had gone into labor, but they didn’t want me to worry, so they kept it to themselves.”

Gilbert got a special gift one year
Gilbert got a special gift one year / ImageCollect

So, instead, Gilbert continued filming the Christmas episode as usual, and later in the day got a call on the stage phone. It was her dad. “He asked me how my day was going and made small talk,” Gilbert revealed. “Then just before he hung up, he said, ‘Oh, by the way, your sister is here!’. I screamed like a crazy person and started jumping around and crying. I was beside myself.” So were her colleagues, all of them cheering.

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