Man Receives Final Paycheck In Oily Pennies Dumped On His Driveway

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A Georgia man who was struggling to get his final paycheck from his employer was shocked to find his last paycheck dumped on his driveway in the form of oily pennies. Andreas Flaten had to quit his job at Peachtree City’s A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in November 2020. He had been at his job for a year, but that “toxic” working conditions had taken a “toll” on him.

Flaten gave his two weeks notice as a courtesy to his employer who promised that his $915 check would arrive in January 2021. However, come January, the check never arrived and Flaten says his former boss is now accusing him of damages.

Man receives last paycheck in oily pennies accompanied by explicit messages

oily pennies
Oily pennies as last paycheck / YouTube Screenshot

Flaten went on to call Georgia’s Department of Labor for assistance in the matter, but had no luck with that. It was months later that Flaten and his girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, were leaving his home when they found his paycheck dumped on the driveway in the form of oily pennies with an envelope of his final paystub containing a message with the explicit message: “F*** you!”

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man receives last paycheck in oily pennies
Andreas Flaten / YouTube Screenshot

The pennies weighed more than 500 pounds in total and ended up breaking his wheelbarrow. That’s when his girlfriend took to social media to document the situation. “First things first, when he quit he gave a written resignation letter complete with a two weeks notice. After Miles Walker of AOK Walker auto works continued to be the asshole he is and make a normal workday hell, making unnecessary comments about my boyfriends daughter and just be an all around dick, that 2 weeks turned into 5 days,” Oxley writes on Facebook.

My boyfriends last paycheck delivered at the end of the driveway in pennies….at 8pm on a Friday. His last day was in…

Posted by Olivia Oxley on Saturday, March 13, 2021


“My boyfriend respectfully delivered his uniforms washed and in a box complete with another letter as to why he was leaving early. Fast forward 3 months and he was refusing to send out the last paycheck claiming damages to the shop. Once the word “lawyer” was introduced, this is what he did.”

Flaten went on to call the move “childish” and the two have now spent most of the nights cleaning up the greasy, oil-slathered coins so they could turn them in for an actual paycheck. When his boss was asked by WGCL-TV about the situation, he simply said: “I don’t really remember,” and,  “It doesn’t matter, he got paid, that’s all that matters.”

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