Lori Loughlin Makes Rare Star Appearance In Daughter Olivia Jade’s Candid Video

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Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade are no strangers to the spotlight. Loughlin boasts seven years on Full House in a role she reprised for Netflix’s Fuller House, while Olivia, 23, is a social media influencer. But since the college admissions scandal, Loughlin stepped away from the limelight – until a recent video by Olivia.

In 2019, Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were among the parents charged with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. She had to perform community service and alert a judge if she and her husband would be traveling. After withdrawing, this new video with Olivia, which shows a candid, cozy side of the family, represents a fresh look at Loughlin’s life as she works to move forward.

Olivia Jade gives mom Lori Loughlin a starring spot in her new video

Influencer Olivia Jade and actress Lori Loughlin
Influencer Olivia Jade and actress Lori Loughlin / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

With over 1.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Olivia frequently uses the platform to show videos of her day-to-day life. This latest special one was titled “morning routine & getting organized for holidays.” Loughlin declared, “I’m Olivia’s assistant,” and indeed the two ended up helping each other out with everyday activities like buying wrapping paper from Rite Aid.

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“I had such a cute day with my mom yesterday,” Jade said of the experience. “I love spending time with her. She’s like a little angel.” Initially, there was tension between mother and daughter in the fallout of the college admissions scandal, but lately Olivia been a staunch defender of Loughlin. She also noted, “There are a lot of people that were in this case and a lot of other parents and I do not know one other person’s name,” since she says the media made Loughlin the face of the scandal.

A tangled web for everyone

Assistant Loughlin is on the case
Assistant Loughlin is on the case / YouTube screenshot

As an influencer, Olivia enjoyed brand deals and sponsorships as she continued to reach out to millions of viewers. The publicity and notoriety of the admissions scandal, however, reportedly had a very negative impact on her social media career, resulting in disgruntled comments online and the termination of brand deals with Sephora and Princess Polly. An insider even told E! that “Olivia Jade is furious with her parents and it’s going to take a lot to repair their relationship. She blames them entirely and feels they have ruined her career.”

Both have gone through an emotional journey
Both have gone through an emotional journey / gotpap/starmaxinc.com STAR MAX Copyright 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

In Olivia’s own words, though, the love never really left even through the worst of it. She said “It was frustrating” reading about Loughlin in the media, “It caused a lot of anger within me when I would read stuff about her. And I just think it’s interesting that when I would read stuff about myself it affected me and I cared, but it didn’t nearly affect me the same way that if I read it about Mom.”

Now, mother and daughter are enjoying a sweet day out just in time for the holidays! Check out the video below.

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