Lisa Marie Presley “Knew Something Was Wrong” As Elvis Died In The Room Next To Hers

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Elvis Presley died on August 16th, 1977 upstairs in the bathroom of his Graceland home. Lisa Marie Presley, his daughter, talks about her father’s death in a resurfaced interview. She says she knew something was wrong because she was right next to his bathroom and heard what was going on. She was only 9 years old at the time.

“I knew something was wrong, because I was in my room which was right next to his bathroom. So I knew that something was very wrong. All the commotion and everything. I was a wreck.”

Lisa Marie just knew something was wrong, at only 9 years old

Lisa Marie Presley "Knew Something Was Wrong" Just Before Her Father Died
Elvis Presley with Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley / GLOBE PHOTOS INC/IMAGECOLLECT

Lisa Marie adds, “I was a mess. But I was also confused because I was so upset. The pandemonium that happened afterwards was a little bit confusing.” Elvis ended up leaving the Graceland mansion to Lisa Marie, who then opened it to the public in 1982. The Graceland home is now a historic museum, jam-packed with tons of Elvis memorabilia.

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Graceland archivist Angie Marchese was recently able to tell fans on Instagram that the family still visits Graceland often. “One of Lisa’s favourite things to do here is to actually share with her kids and her friends her memories of Graceland.”

Graceland is still a symbol of comfort for the family

Lisa Marie Presley "Knew Something Was Wrong" As Elvis Died In The Room Next To Hers
Lisa Marie Presley / Byron Purvis/AdMedia/IMAGECOLLECT

Angie continues, “And do things that Elvis and her used to do like ride golf carts or see the horses and things like that. But they do come quite often. This is still her home.” A fan asked if any of the kitchen appliances still work in the mansion. Angie responds, “Yes the kitchen appliances do work. They’re turned off for fire safety, but they do still work.”

She adds, “And when Lisa Marie and her family are here we fire them up and sometimes they’ll have dinner here in the mansion.” Additionally, Graceland’s upstairs area has been totally preserved and the only person allowed up there is Angie. The record player even has the final record in there that Elvis listened to.

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