Life 50 Years Ago Compared To Now: Which Was Better?

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Some people dream of the idealistic days gone past, while others love the new days of technology. It doesn’t matter which camp you fall into, there are certain things that were simply better or worse 50 years ago. Here are some ways things were different in the late 1960s compared to now.

If you had to get cash, you had to take a trip to the bank. ATMs weren’t commonplace and didn’t really come to the United States until the very late 1960s.

movie theater
Wikimedia Commons

Movies weren’t rated. It wasn’t until about 50 years ago that they came up with rating systems for movies. They were G, M, R, and X. Do you remember when movies first started having ratings?

Back in the day, couples married much earlier in life. The average age of wedded couples 50 years ago was 20 for women and 23 for men. Now, couples are often waiting until their late 20s or even 30s to get married for the first time.

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Do you remember when the drinking age was 18 years old? It wasn’t changed to 21 until 1984, so likely you remember cracking open a cold brew on your 18th birthday instead of your 21st.

Cars were very different 50 years ago. Safety regulations were too. You weren’t required by law to wear a seat belt until decades later in 1984. Can you remember the days when you drove around without a seatbelt? Kids these days would be shocked to hear this. Many cars also didn’t have airbags yet.

1960 car

Speaking of cars, the gas price 50 years ago was around 23 cents. It may seem crazy, but with inflation, it would actually about the same price as it is now.

If you had an emergency, what did you do? Calling 9-1-1 didn’t exist until 1968 and we are so glad this was created. It now saves many lives per day, even per minute.

911 operator
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Smartphones are common now, but 50 years ago, rotary phones were still all the rage. Do you remember having to start over after messing up a phone number?

rotary phone
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What was your favorite thing to remember on this list from life around 50 years ago?

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