LeVar Burton Admits ‘It Will Hurt’ If He Doesn’t Get The Permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ Gig

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LeVar Burton is very excited to host Jeopardy! He will be a guest host for the long-running game show in July. He has openly talked about how he would love to be the next permanent host of the show since Alex Trebek passed away last year.

Now, he admitted that if he doesn’t get the job, he will be hurt. LeVar said, “It will hurt. I’m not going to lie. But if that happens, I will get over it. I will be fine. Remember: Everything happens perfectly and for a reason. That is my default. It’s all going to be OK. Because it always is.”

LeVar Burton cannot wait to host ‘Jeopardy!’

CHRISTY, LeVar Burton, 1994-1995
CHRISTY, LeVar Burton, 1994-1995, © CBS/courtesy Everett Collection

LeVar is best known for his roles in Roots, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Reading Rainbow. He has been a longtime fan of Jeopardy! and is ready to become a guest host. His episodes will air on July 26-30.

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STAR TREK: INSURRECTION, LeVar Burton, 1998, (c)Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

LeVar said, “It’s difficult to explain, but there’s something inside me that says this makes sense. I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do. I have been watching ‘Jeopardy!’ more or less every night of my life since Art Fleming was host. ‘Jeopardy!’ is a cultural touchstone, and for a Black man to occupy that podium is significant.”

DEFINITION PLEASE, LeVar Burton, 2020. © Atajus Productions / Courtesy Everett Collection

He continued, “Look, I have had a career for the [expletive] ages. ‘Roots,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Reading Rainbow.’ Won a Grammy. Got a shelf full of Emmys. I’m a storyteller, and game shows are tremendous stories. There’s a contest, there’s comedy, there’s drama. If you don’t know your [expletive] on ‘Jeopardy!’ you’re sunk in full view of the entire nation. The stakes are high. I love that.”

Are you excited for LeVar to try his hand at hosting the game show?

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