Learn Kelly Ripa’s Skincare Routine To Get A ‘Youthful Glow’ In Your 50s

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Kelly Ripa recently celebrated her 50th birthday and fans are wondering just how she gets that youthful appearance in her 50s. She spoke to Prevention.com about her exact skincare routine so you can follow it, too! “What I have discovered is that, in each decade, I have learned so much that has been able to improve the following decade,” Ripa says.

“So, everything I learned in my 30s, I took into my 40s, and kind of maximized by 40.” So, with that being said, she has been able to learn a lot about her skin and how to care for it as she ages. “Ten years ago, I was washing my face with soap and water — the harshest soap possible and the hottest water possible. And now it’s really about making up for all of that by being gentle with my skin and prepping it before I put makeup on.”

Learn the Kelly Ripa skincare routine by following the steps below!

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1. Start your day with dry brushing

“Your skin is such a huge organ,” Ripa explains. “I do a good vigorous brush of my entire body. I brush up towards my heart and down towards my hands.” In order to practice this on your own, get a soft, bristled brush and gently sweep it along your skin to remove any dead skin cells. It also helps to promote blood flow and de-puff any fluid build-up.

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2. Massage your face

“I take a big bowl of ice and I put my jade face roller, my two rose quartz face rollers, and my Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar all on ice. While they’re cooling, I moisturize my skin, and then I roll,” Ripa says. Facial massages help de-puff the face and also improve blood circulation.

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3. Moisturizing face oil

Stay moisturized and keep your skin smooth! “I put on a really good primer, like a skin oil and a primer, and then my makeup on top of it,” Ripa says. “I guess this is my anti-aging secret — this and Botox if we’re being honest. I apply it first thing in the morning when I’m fresh out of the shower, and then right before I go to bed. And when I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels moisturized.”

4. Sunscreen

A lot of people might love a sun-kissed tan, but Ripa swears by sunscreen. “I wear sunscreen always. I even wear it indoors as well,” Ripa reveals. “My dermatologist said even if it’s the tiniest window, sun gets in. Sun bounces off reflective surfaces and you don’t realize the older you get, it’s the sun you experienced as a teenager when you didn’t protect your skin that comes back to haunt you as a 50-year-old.”

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5. Always take off your makeup before bed

When you’re tired and ready for bed, it can be tempting to just sleep with your makeup on. This is a big no-no for your skin! “As soon as I’m done with work — sometimes the credits are rolling — I’m taking my makeup off. I really believe if I didn’t work on camera, I would never wear makeup. I do my best to let my skin breathe and leave it alone.”

6. Revisit and revamp your diet

“The older I get, the more I realize that it was the nutritional aspect. My trainer and all of the nutritionists we’ve had on Live with Kelly and Ryan over the years, they’ve all said it’s 80% nutrition, 20% fitness,” Ripa says, describing her diet now as mostly vegetarian. “Very rarely do I have any animal protein,” she admits. She also says that fitness is just as important as your diet.

“The older I get, the more I realize it’s about what goes in. That allows you to have the energy to run outside, do an indoor cycling class, or however anyone’s exercising right now. As we speak, I’m on the thigh master.”

7. Laugh more

You may have heard that laugh lines cause wrinkles, but Ripa insists that you need to laugh more in life. “I don’t take social media seriously. To leave a truly hateful comment on Instagram usually means that there’s something probably very wrong with the person,” Ripa says. “Usually I find that the people who follow me, at least they are clever. They’ll say something that’s funny. And even when it’s not funny, it’s so ridiculous that it becomes funny. And sometimes if you just respond in an equally absurd way, then it all becomes funny.”

Laughing is basically essential to enjoying life and the whole process of aging.

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