Kelly Ripa’s Husband, Mark Consuelos, Drops Major PDA On Wife’s Pantless Instagram Photo

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Kelly Ripa recently posted a photo in light of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan‘s Bread Club Week. The photo features Ripa in what appears to be a red tank top or bra, pantless, covered up in loaves of bread. She captions the photo “Loaves and bit&@%s.” The photo is, of course, photoshopped.

This didn’t stop Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, from commenting on the photo and making sure everyone knows what’s his! He left a very flirtatious comment “Made me hungry,” in the comments section of the Instagram photo. Some fans said Mark should be jealous because “Kelly is calling bread her lover now.”

Kelly Ripa’s husband makes some flirtatious comments

kelly ripa covered in loaves of bread
Kelly Ripa / Instagram

Marisol Nichols, Mark’s on-screen Riverdale wife, also joins in on the fun by saying, “Why is this so hot?” There’s just something about that bread! This isn’t the first time that the couple has openly flirted on each other’s Instagram photos. Back in January of this year, Ripa commented something SUPER NSFW on the Riverdale Instagram page.

Consuelos announced on the Riverdale Instagram page that he would be “taking over” the account. That’s when Ripa comments, “Oooooooooooo. Daddy, I love when you take over.” Oh. My. God. 

They aren’t new to the whole public flirting thing

Mark Consuelos Shows Off Major PDA on His Wife's Pantless Instagram
Mark Consuelos / Instagram

And for the photo above, Ripa obviously had to post a comment to that one, too. She says, “Are you kidding me right now? I turn my phone off for two hours and you break that out?” Ripa also adds the fire, muscular arms, and sweat droplet emojis. We can’t blame him, her husband is looking good!

Clearly, these two are not ashamed of showing how much they love each other through public flirting and PDA. We have to admit, it’s pretty cute!

What’s been going on in the Ripa-Consuelos family lately

Kelly Ripa's Husband Mark Consuelos Shows Off Major PDA on His Wife's Pantless Instagram
Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos / Instagram

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are one of our favorite couples! Their whole family is super close-knit. Ripa has actually had to deal with a lot in the last few months! She recently sent her daughter, Lola, off to college which can be a lot for a parent to digest. She posts an adorable photo of her kissing her daughter’s cheek before she goes off to college for good. “The nest is getting roomy…….” she captions the photo.

Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos have two kids that are now in college, leaving just one at home with them. Soon, they will truly be empty nesters!

kelly ripa sends daughter lola off to college
Kelly and Lola / Instagram

Kelly Ripa Says Daughter, Lola, Secretly Altered Her Prom Dress To Look More Revealing.

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