Kelly Osbourne Fans Call Her “Unrecognizable” After 85-Pound Weight Loss

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Kelly Osbourne shared images on Instagram that really showcase her weight loss progress. Fans did not miss the change either, calling her “unrecognizable,” among other praises. At 35, Osbourne already has a lot to be proud of. And while an ideal weight can vary for everyone, fans did acknowledge the work she put in and its results.

Olivia TuTram Mai replied to the photos. Osbourne, in turn, shared some remarkable news. She specified her weight loss included 85 pounds.  The image gained praise from celebrities and followers alike.

Kelly Osbourne lost weight, gained confidence

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Today I’m feeling #Gucci 💜❤️

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Aug 3, 2020 at 11:24am PDT

“You look like a different person with your weight loss,” one comment reads. “Much more confident.. beautiful.” Indeed, an ideal weight can be a very individual thing. But based on the different way Kelly Osbourne carries herself, she might have reached her ideal weight.

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Maintaining that takes strength in multiple directions. Kelly Osbourne may have lost weight she put on here, but before she also dropped a dramatic twenty pounds in Dancing with the Stars. She, Osbourne realized, was an emotional eater, a trend many people can relate to.

Unrecognizable to everyone

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Kelly Longstocking is coming into your town The one no one can keep down, no no no no The one who's fun to be around, woaaahhh woah.

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Aug 6, 2020 at 2:44pm PDT

“Today I’m feeling #Gucci,” Osbourne captioned her photo. Followers expressed similar sentiments. One called her a “pin up goddess,” while actress Lucy Hale told her, “You look like an actual angel.” Ultimately, some couldn’t even believe they were seeing Osbourne. For some, she was utterly “unrecognizable.”

What is the secret to this major weight loss? She’s done it before, such as with losing 20 pounds during Dancing With the Stars, but did put it back on. But now she lost 80 pounds. It was a learning experience and lifestyle commitment, Osbourne admits. She elaborated, “Once I learned how to work out right and eat right, it’s one of those things that you just have to commit to a life change rather than being on a diet.”

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