Judy Norton Talks About The Upcoming ‘Waltons’ Reboot Film

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CW is working on a movie reboot of the 1970s show The Waltons. The special will be called The Waltons: Homecoming. Richard Thomas, who played John-Boy in the original series, has already signed on to narrate the made-for-TV movie.

Judy Norton, who played Mary Ellen, has opened up about the new film. She said, “I heard about this through Richard [Thomas]. Richard said he’d been approached about doing the narration, and he had agreed. But he didn’t know a whole lot else. But that he wanted all of the rest of his original ‘Walton’ cast to hear about it first from him. So, that’s about all I know. None of the rest of the original cast at this point is involved in it, as far as I know.”

Judy Norton heard about ‘The Waltons’ reboot from Richard Thomas

the waltons
THE WALTONS, (top row, center, Will Geer; (middle row, left, Jon Walmsley, Mary Elizabeth McDonough, Kami Cotler,(front row, L to R,) Ellen Corby, Eric Scott, Judy Norton, David Harper, Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, 1972-1981 / Everett Collection

As of now, very few details about the reboot have been announced. Bellamy Young will play the matriarch Olivia Walton and Logan Shroyer will play John-Boy. The special will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first Waltons movie.

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THE WALTONS, Judy Norton-Taylor, 1972-81
THE WALTONS, Judy Norton-Taylor, 1972-81 / Everett Collection

Judy continued, “So, I guess we will all wait and see what it is that they are going to do, whether it’s a full-on redoing of ‘The Homecoming’ script, or a new sort of ‘Walton’ Christmas movie. I don’t know. I wonder who will be playing me.”

INCLUSION CRITERIA, Judy Norton, 2018. ©Nandar Home Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection

Since the film will likely follow a Christmas story, it should be released during the holiday season.

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