Jodie Sweetin Hints If We Should Expect Anything On Possible ‘Fuller House’ Reunion

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Jodie Sweetin mentioned to E! News that she would likely come back for a reboot of Fuller House, as opposed to her co-star John Stamos, who revealed that he does not think he would be on the reboot.

“I feel like, at this point, who knows what could happen. I’m never opposed to it. I still think that ‘The Golden Girls’ version of ‘Fullest House’ could happen,” Sweetin said. “I could see myself in a moo-moo on a lanai in Miami. I feel that already. I would not be opposed to it, but we’ll see what happens. If you would have asked us 20 some odd years ago would we do a reboot of ‘Full House,’ we all would have been like no, probably not.”

‘Fuller House’ Reunion, Or Not?

FULLER HOUSE, l-r: Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure (back to camera), Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Dave Coulier in ‘Our Very First Show, Again’ (Season 1, Episode 1, aired February 26, 2016). ph: Michael Yarish/©Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection

Fuller House premiered in February 2016 and lasted for five seasons before its end in 2020. Although fans seemed to have enjoyed the original Full House more because the views on its sequel series were low, leading to the show’s cancellation. Nevertheless, the cast looks forward to a reunion too.

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Aside from Stamos, other members of the cast do not mind a reunion either. “It doesn’t feel like it’s over in my bones,” Andrea Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibbler, said to TV Insider. “I really want to play this character and see where she is and see her grow. We’ve seen Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie since they were 5 and 10. Let’s continue it into our 60s.”

FULLER HOUSE, l-r: John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin in ‘Moving Day’ (Season 1, Episode 2, aired February 26, 2016). ph: Saeed Adyani/©Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection

“Who knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years. Never say never. If there is another opportunity, I know all of us would reprise these characters again,” Cameron Bure agreed with Barber.

Sweetin Reflects on Saget During ‘Fuller House’s 35th Anniversary

During the 35th anniversary of Fuller House, Sweetin made a tribute to Saget on her Instagram with the caption, “…Love this family so much. It’s a bittersweet moment today, thinking of Bob… but I know we all wouldn’t have been the family we were if it weren’t for him. Happy 35 Full House!!”

Late Bob Saget also got a well-deserved mention on E! News from Sweetin, who acknowledged him as the glue that kept the series’ cast close. After one of his shows in Florida, Saget died in 2022 following a head trauma episode that may have resulted from a fall.

FULLER HOUSE, l-r: Candace Cameron Bure, John Brotherton, Bob Saget in ‘Declarations of Independence’ (Season 3, Episode 3, aired September 22, 2017). ph: Mike Yarish/©Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection

“I forget what it was, but I was thinking about something, and it was a moment where I just missed him. He was the one making phone calls and now we have to continue on without him,” she continued. “We do see each other. We get together for BBQs and dinners when we’re not all working, or at least in the same state.”

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