Jennifer Aniston’s Age-Reversing Skincare Regimen Revealed

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Age brings a whole array of inevitable changes. But many products and lifestyles today can completely defy the aging process in varying ways. From invasive surgeries to dietary choices, people have many options. But many people want to know just what Jennifer Aniston does for skincare because whatever she does, she does it well. And it shows!

Our skin takes quite a beating over the years. At 50, though, Aniston’s appearance can leave people baffled when they hear her age. She attributes some of it to genetics; family members older than her just said no to wrinkles even into their 80s. But she also has some important tips so genetics don’t have to play a part at all.

A good skincare routine means protection against the sun

Aniston's skincare routine includes a mix of meeting essential biological needs and tending to personal wants
Aniston’s skincare routine includes a mix of meeting essential biological needs and tending to personal wants / Pixabay

One thing to do to ensure healthy skin is to avoid doing something, according to Jennifer Aniston. The Friends star admits she’s been avoiding those rays for some time now and might just continue to do so. “I’ve been taking a break from the sun for the last couple of years and that might be a permanent one,” she said in an interview with Forbes.

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But it’s natural to want to soak up the sun and vitamin D. It’s one of the limited natural ways humans can take the vitamin in. However, time in the sun comes with a lot of immediate and longterm risks. And people on certain medications have to outright avoid sun exposure or risk getting burned. Aniston takes all this into account and wears two creams with sufficient SPF content if she has to be under the sun for a while. This protects from malevolent conditions like cancer and frustrating traits like wrinkles and onion skin.

To treat part of the body, you have to treat all of it

Keeping your skin healthy starts at breakfast
Keeping your skin healthy starts at breakfast / PickPik

It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life as it rushes insistently on. People have responsibilities to their career, family, friends, community, and more. But they do also have a responsibility to themselves. Aniston manages this responsibility as part of her skincare routine. Each day, she starts the day with plenty of vitamin C. She told Shape Magazine, breakfast involves putting together a thick shake with “Spinach, protein powder, maca powder, berries and Vitamin C powder.”

After starting the day right, she continues and concludes it with plenty of hydration and rest. Dehydration can have a multitude of negative – even harmful – effects on the body just within a day of not getting enough water. In addition to preventing bad feelings, staying hydrated also keeps the skin healthy and glowing through many years of wear and tear. Then, finally, Aniston makes sure she gets plenty of rest. Sleep and water, “Those are two key ingredients,” she insisted to Forbes. All this should go on each day. And when the weekend comes and time may be more readily available, she gives herself a spa day, complete with mask and scrub. The mask gives some pretty immediate results, according to Aniston. She explained, “I leave it on overnight and when I wake up I have that dewy, glowing, twinkling skin.” Do you do any of this? Will you incorporate these tips into your skincare regimen?

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