James Bond Actor and Oscar Winner Sean Connery Dead at 90

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Sean Connery, the actor who burst onto movie screens and changed the perception of action heroes forever, did so with the utterance of three simple words: “Bond. James Bond.” Sadly, the man who gave agent 007 his license to kill has died at the age of 90.

Connery, who starred in six James Bond movies (reprising the role in the separately produced Never Say Never Again in 1983), was successfully able to step away from playing agent 007, even going so far as to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting actor for the film The Untouchables. All told, it was a pretty remarkable career.

He was born Thomas Sean Connery on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge in Edinburgh, Scotland. Things were not easy on the home front when he was a kid, leading him to comment later on, “My background was harsh. We were poor, but I never knew how poor till years later.”

Coming from working class roots, the first opportunity of employment for him was as a milk delivery man, which would lead him to become a part of the Royal Navy — which he was sidelined from due to a duodenal ulcer. He nonetheless pushed forward, earning an income as a construction work, lifeguard, truck driver and, at Edinburgh College of Art, as a model for artists to draw or paint. He also found he was quite good at soccer (known to us as football) as well as bodybuilding.

He was actually presented with the opportunity to go pro, but realized that there just wasn’t enough money in it, so he turned his attention to acting. In 1953 he was able to audition for and get cast in a stage production of South Pacific, and the following year he scored the role as an extra in the stage show Lilacs in the Spring. The stage work enabled him to get cast in small roles on British television and, finally, in movies.

Early movie roles were No Way Back, Hell Drivers and Action of the Tiger (all 1957), Another Time, Another Place (1958), Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People and Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959), On the Fiddle and The Frightened City (both 1961), The Longest Day (1962) and then, of course, Dr. No.



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