Internet Loves Single Dad Who Asks His Daughter For Fashion Advice For A Date

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Jeff is just a single dad in Texas. He was getting ready for a date and needed fashion advice from his 19-year-old daughter Carli Saville. She tweeted out some photos of her dad trying on outfits because she thought it was so cute. Jeff and Carli had no idea the photos would go viral and the Internet would fall in love with Jeff.

Carli first posted some text messages from her dad, with photos. He asked Carli what he should wear for his date. She tweeted out the photos and messages with the caption, “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on dad outfits. My heart.”

See the photos of Jeff that went viral

jeff carli texting about first date outfits
Text message / Twitter

In the photos, Jeff is trying on two different shirts. He can’t seem to decide which shirt and if he should tuck them in or not. When Carli doesn’t respond right away, he nudges her by texting, “Hello.”

texts between jeff and carli
Text message / Twitter

Many Twitter users shared their own stories about their single dad going on dates. Others tweeted out that their mom was looking for a nice guy. Either way, everyone seemed to love Jeff and thinks he deserves the world!

jeff outfit choice for first date
Jeff / Twitter

Later, Carli admitted that Jeff got stood up for the date. To make matters worse, Carli did not ask her dad if she could post his photos. Imagine his shock when he saw himself go viral! However, he ended up loving the attention. Carli said he was getting excited watching the retweets go up and seeing all of the comments.

Jeff spoke to Yahoo about his new Twitter fame. He said, “I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ I didn’t even have a Twitter account, I didn’t even know what Twitter was.”

jeff outfit tucked in
Jeff / Twitter

Jeff got his own Twitter account

Now, he has his own Twitter account. He said, “I feel like God has given me something of a platform, in a crazy kind of way, to deliver a message about how special a relationship is. I know enough from being divorced and I know where I need to be now in my life. I have 30 or 40 years left, and if I’m lucky, I want to get them right.”

Now, he admits he is being asked out a lot. He is very private about who he is actually talking to, but admits that the whole thing is very unusual but fun! Even his local community saw the tweet. The last time he walked into a restaurant, the whole place applauded. He said he “nearly fell to his knees.”

jeff and carli
Jeff and Carli / Facebook

Carli just hopes that her dad will find love and happiness. According to Yahoo, she said, “I hope it brings him a soulmate and someone that can bring him happiness for a lifetime. He deserves it more than anyone I know!”

Dads are so funny!

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