In An Impending Age Of Electric Cars, This New Road Sign Will Pop Up Everywhere

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In a push for greener living and sustainability, gas-powered cars will slowly be diluted out in favor of electric vehicles. Already, places like California plan to ban gas cars in 2035. In light of changes like these around the country, new road signs will actually pop up to reflect the changing times.

FastCompany consulted NewDealDesign to explore how signs will evolve alongside the way we drive. If fewer cars on the road accommodate gas power, what will take the place of gas station signs?

New road signs will promote the landscape


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NewDealDesign presented a revolutionary sign in the form of an e-ink display. Think a giant tablet or computer screen. The company’s design uses so little energy that it can run on solar energy to give drivers a crisp picture in any lighting, displaying information that updates regularly with ease.

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And what information would that be? Instead of designating the distance to the nearest gas station, the new road signs would be free to promote tourist attractions and local landmarks, catering to each state and even town. This is especially possible with the predicted evolution in driving culture arriving in the next few decades.

Changing one thing changes everything

Gas station road sign
When moving toward electric over gas, road signs will also shift their focus while maintaining some of the old as well / Public Domain Pictures

Leaning more into cleaner energy and environmental conservation, such changes in vehicles and road signage emphasize the environment visually and practically. Gas-powered cars can take minutes to fill up but electric vehicles require around 30 minutes. So, that gives drivers time to idle away, potentially near an e-ink road sign with easily-dispensed facts on the area.

Inspired by the movie Cars, @NewDealDesign envisions solar-powered digital displays to revolutionize #streetsignage. The dynamic signs could promote nearby attractions for drivers to visit while their #EVs recharge, which could take up to 30 min.

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As far as the big blue highway signs travelers are used to seeing on their treks, they can still stick around and direct drivers to big-name businesses that can meet their needs. But, adds NewDealDesign director of strategy design Adam Côté, their e-link signs can point drivers to smaller businesses, thereby fueling smalltown America. Any one change truly has a ripple effect across the country!

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