If You Were Born In October, You Might Have These Traits

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Were you born in October? If so, you might have some of these special traits. Of course, everyone is different and unique, but many people believe that you have certain traits because you were born in a specific month. Do you believe this?

Here is a list of personality traits for those born in October.

1. You’re charming and romantic


Many people born in October are said to be very charismatic and charming. You might be generally very popular and have a lot of friends. You might also be very romantic and good at showing love to others.

2. You’re honest


If you were born in October, you might be very honest and love to get the truth. You might also realize when others are being fake very quickly and demand the truth. If you feel people aren’t being honest with you, you might cut them out. You might also be known for being very fair towards others and wanting everyone to be equal. This is a great trait known for generating peace and change.

3. You prefer peaceful environments


Even though you are known to be social, you might prefer calm and quiet environments and might be known as a peacemaker. You might also have a very hospitable side and are known for taking care of others or taking in people who need help.

4. You rarely lose your temper


If you were born in October, you might find yourself to be a very calm person who can calm others down in times of anger or stress. You rarely lose your temper and have more friends than enemies.

5. You are creative


You may have a creative mind. Do you have a creative job or do you have a hobby that involves the arts? This is very likely if you were born in October.

6. You may daydream a lot


October born people are generally the biggest daydreamers ever. You might love to dream and try to avoid reality sometimes. You might also be a deep thinking or commonly overthink.

7. You might be very business-oriented and a problem-solver


Do you work very hard to achieve your goals and love to solve problems? If so, you just might have an October birthday. October babies are often positive thinkers and love to succeed. You are a great person to have in the workplace!

8. You’re a spender, not a saver


This is sometimes a bad quality, but it can be a good one. You might love to buy people big gifts and are known for your generosity. Just remember to save for a rainy day sometimes!

9. You consider family to be the most important thing


Life is all about balance, but if you were born in October, you probably always put family at the top of your priority list. You might love being at home with your family or visiting relatives.

If you were born in October, do you find this list to be accurate? What would you add or remove?

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