I Never Dubbed Myself The ‘Queen Of Christmas,’ Mariah Carey Says

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Mariah Carey’s album, Merry Christmas, released in 1994, has become the highlight of the holiday season over the years. The album had hit tracks like “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which recently made history for selling more than 12 million copies and secured its place as the first Christmas single ever to reach diamond status by the RIAA.

The success of Merry Christmas earned her the notable tag, ‘Queen of Christmas.’ However, while making an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote her upcoming Christmas special concert, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas To All, Mariah recently cleared the air about the moniker.

Mariah Carey revealed that she never called herself The Queen of Christmas

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In response to Colbert addressing her as the ‘Queen of Christmas,’ the 52-year-old disclosed that she never referred to herself by the name at any point in her career. “First of all, may I say I never called myself the ‘Queen of Christmas’?” she states. “Can we please be clear on that?”

She explained further that even in her interviews, she never ascribed the moniker to herself. “Really? I’m gonna do that?” Carey explained. “They can look up every interview I’ve ever done, and not to get super religious, but I was like, ‘I think, like, if anybody would be the ‘Queen of Christmas,’ that would be Mary.”‘

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Mariah Carey attempted to trademark the Queen of Christmas title.

In contrast to her claims, Carey made a move in 2021 to exclusively own the ‘Queen of Christmas’ title. She filed the application through her company, Lotion LLC, to use the name on a list of products that would include albums, fragrances, pet accessories, sunglasses, and other things.

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The bid sparked controversy as two other singers known for their seasonal songs publicly objected to her claim to the name. Darlene Love disclosed that David Letterman christened her Queen of Christmas nearly three decades ago, while Elizabeth Chan claims that she is “music’s only full-time Christmas singer-songwriter.”

The aggrieved Chan challenged the attempt by filing a motion opposing Carey’s request, which led to the Trial Trademark and Appeal Board’s rejection of Carey’s trademark bid.

Other singers expressed their satisfaction at the Patent’s denial

Mariah Carey’s failed attempt has generated opinions from other Christmas queens. “Thank you, Lord!! Congrats to all the other Queens of Christmases around the world, living and whom have passed!” Darlene Love posted on Facebook.

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“It has been a year-long legal struggle,” Chan disclosed, “but I’m glad that justice has prevailed and that I can continue doing what I do best: bringing Christmas music and entertainment to the world.”

However, country music legend Dolly Parton had only words of admiration for Mariah Carey “I love her,” she said. “You think of Christmas, you think of Mariah. I’m happy to be second in line to her.”

Mariah Carey says she adores everything about the Christmas season

Carey also noted that the Christmas season is a time that she adores; this stems from the hardships she experienced in her childhood. She decided to make up for the lost time by making every season special for herself and her family.

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“I just happen to actually really love Christmas,” she told Colbert. “Because I grew up and had kind of a tough childhood, and I always wanted Christmas to be perfect, and it never was. So then when I was able to finally provide myself and my friends and then later now my little kids who are 11 … we have the most festive Christmas ever.”

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