How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain And Needs Medical Assistance

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Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking or feeling? Have you ever been unsure what is wrong with them? There are certain symptoms to watch out for that are signs your pet is telling you they are sick and need help right away.

Here are some signs you need to take your pet to the vet immediately. Make sure that if you are ever afraid your pet is ill, you take them in.

1. Your dog won’t eat

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If your dog who used to scarf up his every meal and beg for more suddenly won’t eat, this could be a sign of illness. A change in appetite could mean a number of things for a dog. If your dog has suddenly been turning down meals and treats for a few days, you need to get them checked out.

2. Your dog is panting heavily

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While it is normal for a dog to breathe heavily after exercising, if they start panting a lot while they aren’t exerting any energy, it could be an issue. Panting that doesn’t come from being too hot or exercising could mean they are in pain or have been poisoned. Get them a drink of water, make sure they aren’t too hot or tired, and if the panting continues for a few hours, head to your vet.

3. Your dog is crying


You know the sound when they whimper, whine or cry? Doesn’t it break your heart? If they are in pain, they may start crying. If they hurt themselves, they will likely point out the area that is hurting. If your dog keeps whining and you aren’t sure why, you might need to take them to get checked out.

4. Their personality seems to be different


If your usually cuddly pup seems distant or doesn’t want to be touched, it could signal something is wrong. It could be the opposite too, if your dog is usually doing his or her own thing and suddenly is very clingy, something might be off. Trust your instincts and if you feel like something might be wrong with your dog, get them checked out.

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