House Abandoned In 1962 Hasn’t Been Updated In Decades. The Untouched Pink Kitchen Is Stunning

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Every episode of house hunting and flipping shows on HGTV tends to feature at least one home with “old furniture and appliances.” It is usually seen as a bad thing for home buyers. The furnishings can be seen as outdated and will bring the value of the house down. Well, not everyone would call old furnishings dated, instead, they might find them vintage!

A home that was abandoned in 1962 is now receiving the love it once deserved. The house has sat untouched for over 50+ years, yet it still looks as good as the day it was installed into the home!

Nathan Chandler Furniture

The Chicago kitchen was found by furniture collector Nathan Chandler in 1998 and the house was only recently sold in 2015. The new owner was even gifted some washing up powder from nearly 60 years ago to help maintain the beauty of this vintage pink kitchen. Hopefully, they never renovate this spot of the house!

Nathan Chandler Furniture

The kitchen was built with General Electric appliances, blonde wood, geometric silver handles on the cabinets, and pastel pink enamel on the countertops. The light fixtures were finished with fancy gold and illustrated patterns.

Nathan Chandler Furniture

The refrigerator was designed as a built-in, with extra storage underneath to give the homeowner space to keep all of their supplies for a delicious meal. Even though the home has been unused for nearly six decades, the appliances are all in working condition.

Nathan Chandler Furniture

Not only did the new homeowner get washing powder to keep this kitchen spotless, they also got some vintage ‘50s and ‘60s cookbooks. Think they’ll make some Jell-O salad? What meal would you make first if this was your kitchen?

Nathan Chandler Furniture

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