Honest McDonald’s Customer Returns $5K He Was Given By Accident

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A TikToker, Josiah Vargas with username @dookiedoeboy recently shared a video detailing a tempting experience he had during his visit to a McDonald’s drive-thru in Elkhart, Indiana that left him shocked and tested his moral principle.

The clip which has now gone viral and has more than 2.3 million streams tells the story of how the TikTok user found thousands of dollars in his to-go bag instead of the food he ordered.

The TikTok video

TikTok Video Screenshot

In the footage, Vargas explained that he placed an order for a Sausage McMuffin while waiting at the drive-thru. However, while he was checking through the food bag, he found some heavy cash lying inside the bag.

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The TikToker noted that the bills were arranged in different denominations and packed separately in Ziploc bags. This gave him a clue that the money might have been the restaurant’s earnings from sales, although he was also caught in the uncertainty surrounding the event. “Why? There’s a couple thousand dollars here,” Vargas questioned. “Like, why would they do this? Why would they give this to me?”

TikTok Video Screenshot

Despite knowing that he could run with the money without being caught, Vargas made the tough decision and posted a TikTok video as regards the discovery before taking other steps to get the money back to its rightful owner. “What the f—? Now I have to return it because I’m a good person, I guess,” Vargas claimed. “How interesting.”

Vargas returns the money back to McDonald’s

The TikToker drove back to McDonald’s amidst all temptation while asking himself a rhetorical question, “Why would you guys do this to me? You know how bad I want this money? Why put me in this situation?”

Despite his uneasiness, Vargus entered the restaurant and made a joke with the employees who have been thrown into panic since they discovered they couldn’t find the cash. “You guys laundering money around here?”

TikTok Video Screenshot

The TikTok user detailed in the video that the restaurant staff was happy to the extent that some offered hugs while others were shedding tears of joy and marveling at the unbelievable event. He concluded the footage by advising people to uphold moral values and have other people’s interests at heart. “Do good, people. Return $5000, got $200 and free McDonald’s for a month,” he urged. “Good trade value and maybe a viral TikTok.”

Netizens comment on the video

Netizens have shown their satisfaction concerning Vargas’s moral behavior in the video while showering praises on him and lauding his effort. “You did such a good thing for them!” wrote one TikTok user. Another user commented, “It’s called integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is looking! Great job.”

TikTok Video Screenshot

Also, the official TikTok account for Santa Claus applauded Vargus for his actions, “Your integrity is worth more. Good job.” While others speculated that the TikToker might appear on this year’s “Nice” list.

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