Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

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With Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s recently released flick, Sex Tape, failing to live up to expectations at the box office, DoYouRemember felt it was a great time to look back at some other films with A-list talent that failed to deliver with movie audiences. It was no easy task putting together this list, given the endless number of big-screen flops that we had to choose from.

Sex Tape courtesy live.drjays.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

We gave serious consideration to an abundance of dreadful films such as The Cable Guy, Wild Wild West, The Mexican, Vanilla Sky, Under the Cherry Moon, Striptease and Dutch. But we feel sure these are the absolute worst of the worst. Here, we present our list of the 10 biggest cinematic flops from Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996): Marlon Brando

Island of Dr. Moreau courtesy danielmartineckhart.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

There’s no questioning the film legacy of Brando, whose performances in classics such as On the Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Godfather helped make him an icon. However, his decision to star in this box-office flop proved he wasn’t above the occasional bad career move.

The Conqueror (1956): John Wayne

The Conqueror courtesy whatculture.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

Widely considered one of the worst movies ever made, The Conqueror had several problems, including bad directing, a terrible script and John Wayne playing the role of Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan in his trademark tough-guy persona. As bad as it was for Wayne, who was never known for his ability to play outside of his comfort zone, it could’ve been worse for Marlon Brando, who was supposed to star in the film, but lucked out because he was under contract to do another movie.

Leonard Part 6 (1987): Bill Cosby

Leonard Part 6 courtesy filmjunk.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

In all fairness to Bill Cosby, this film did win three awards. Unfortunately, they were all Razzies. A spy spoof that was released during the height of Bill’s Cosby Show days, Leonard Part 6 had all sorts of hype and anticipation, but it failed to connect with audiences. The jokes were lame but the plot, which featured Cosby as a retired secret agent called back to save the world from a demented vegetarian determined to use mind control to turn innocent animals into killing machines, was even lamer.

Batman & Robin (1997): George Clooney

Batman Robin courtesy icollector.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

To his credit, George Clooney is one of the most likeable celebrities on the planet, but we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we gave him a pass. After all, he came closer to killing Batman than Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson and Heath Ledger ever did. Luckily, his career overcame this epic fail and he has since become one of the most respected actor/producers in Hollywood.

Last Action Hero (1993): Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last Action Hero courtesy esquire.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved with some of the greatest action movies of all time, including The Terminator and its sequels, Total Recall, Predator and True Lies. Unfortunately, he’s also been a party to some of the biggest duds, with this film in which his character quotes Shakespeare and battles a handful of evil villains easily earning a place among a list that includes Red Heat, Raw Deal and End of Days.

The Mighty Quinn (1989): Denzel Washington

The Mighty Quinn courtesy imdb.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

While we may never know what made a young, suave Denzel Washington think he could pull off an authentic Jamaican Patois dialect, the real question is how this film managed to make almost $5 million at the domestic box office. Luckily for Denzel, his career turned out just fine, and after people heard Malik Yoba’s butchering of the language in the hit film Cool Runnings, the world forgot all about his attempt at it.

Shanghai Surprise (1986): Sean Penn & Madonna

Shanghai Surprise courtesy poprosa.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

During their four-year marriage Sean and Madonna forced the world to endure a lot, but nothing was worse than this 97-minute disaster about a fortune hunter and a nurse whose fates become intertwined during an unexpected adventure in China. One has to wonder whether any of the opium involved in the plot influenced the studio execs who green-lit the project.

Far and Away (1992): Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Far Away courtesy go.sky .com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

We mean no disrespect Tom, who has generated more than $3.4 billion at the box office during his three-decade run in the movie business, or to his Oscar-winning ex-wife, Nicole, but this film was easily one that they probably both wish they could forget about.

Gigli (2003): Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

Gigli courtesy theatlantic.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

We knew a movie that starred either Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez would make the list; it was just a question of which one. Luckily, we were able to kill two birds with one stone, much like this film killed the momentum of both of these stars (and possibly ended their relationship). Since then, both have found successful redemptions, with Affleck now considered one of the best directors in the business and J. Lo still one of the most popular pop fashion icons on the planet.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002): Eddie Murphy

The Adventures of Pluto Nash courtesy melvin rated x.blogspot.com  Hollywood Stars’ 10 Biggest Flops

Eddie Murphy’s track record is full of several box-office hits, but this film definitely wasn’t one of them. Without going into too much detail, the futuristic plot revolved around Murphy playing a musician who travels to the moon looking for clues after his nightclub is burned down. There are so many reasons this film is on our list, but its $100 million budget and gross of less than $5 million in theaters trumps them all.

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