Here’s How Your Favorite TV Homes Would Look Like In Real Life

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How often have you watched a television show and thought to yourself, “I wish I lived there,” or “I wonder where they filmed that”? Most shows and films are shot on sets in Hollywood, and if you’re lucky you can tour a few of them, but seeing behind the curtain can also ruin the magic of the screen.

Some scenes and television intros, however, often feature real-world locations to sell the idea that the characters you love are real. We compiled this list of The Real-World Locations of Iconic TV Homes. See where everyone from Don Draper of Mad Men to Will and Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lived.

1. Danny Tanner and company’s home on Full House.
Google Maps

2. The Pearson family’s home on This Is Us (before it burned down).
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3. Rachel and Monica’s apartment on Friends, which is a real building in Manhattan.

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4. The house Walt and Skyler lived in on Breaking Bad.


The owners of the home actually had to put up a fence because fans were throwing pizzas on the roof.

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5. The Banks’ giant home from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is actually in Brentwood.

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