Here Is The Reason Why So Many Logos Are Red

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Have you ever thought about why so many logos are red? From fast food to retail stores to companies like Netflix, so many logos out there are red. It isn’t by accident. There is actually a scientific reason why so many logos are red.

Science shows that people make snap judgments within about 90 seconds when seeing something or someone. 90 percent of this is based on color alone. So, the color of something or what someone is wearing can really alter your first opinion. Marketers have learned this and certain colors in logos and ads do actually entice people to buy more and more.

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The color red is associated with an increased heart rate and a sense of urgency. Did you also notice that you always see red tags for sales? It can also be used to stimulate appetite, which is why many restaurants and fast food places use red logos and signs.

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Your eyes are also pretty sensitive to the color red and can notice it much faster than other colors. Other colors are also used to manipulate you in a way. Blue is often used by corporate businesses and it conveys security and trust. How many blue logos can you think of?

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Businesses tend to use color because it transcends languages. No matter what language you speak, you can notice different colors right away. Next time you are driving around town, notice the different signs, logos, and advertisements. Do certain colors jump out at you?

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The most interesting thing about color is that it is associated with positive and negative emotions. For example, red can entice you to head into a retail store or fast food place, but it can also motion for you to stop while you’re driving. On the flip side, red is a top color during Valentine’s Day and is often called the color of love.

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As you can see, colors can be very complicated in our cultures. Did you know that marketers use color to entice you to spend more money on their products? Do you think it works?

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