Heather Locklear’s Look-Alike Daughter Ava Sambora Is Making Her Parents Proud

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UPDATED 9//10/2021

Back in August of 2020, then-22-year-old Ava Sambora shared a new photo that had fans shocked at how much she looks like her famous mother! Ava is the daughter of actress Heather Locklear and rocker Richie Sambora. In the photo, Ava is holding some flowers and smiling at the camera.

Many fans commented about the resemblance. One wrote, “You look just like your Mama 🔥,” while another said, “You truly are a stunning beauty, taking after your beautiful mother!!”

Heather Locklear’s daughter looks just like her!


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In May, Ava shared a photo of herself wearing an old Bon Jovi T-shirt that was her mother’s. Her father was the lead guitarist in Bon Jovi for 30 years. It was a very nice tribute to both her mother and her father and she looked stunning!

Ava Sambora and Healther Locklear
Ava Sambora and Healther Locklear / ImageCollect

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She captioned the photo, “I got it from my mama (Like I literally got this shirt from my mom’s closet 🤪)” Ava has previously shared that she would love to follow her mother’s footsteps and have an acting career. She graduated from college, so perhaps she has begun to try to follow her dreams.


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Use the arrow on the photo to see a photo of Heather in the same shirt!

Ava once said, “The best advice my mother ever gave me was not to take everything so personally. There are going to be a thousand times you’ll hear ‘no,’ but, it only takes a few yeses, and waiting for those yeses will be worth it, and I think that’s such an important mindset to have in this business.”

Ava Sambora finds strength from both her parents

Ava enjoying a new spring
Ava enjoying a new spring / Instagram

Born on October 4, 1997, Ava turns 24 this autumn, and at 23 graduated college. Throughout all the ups and downs of life, she credits her dad as “such a rock for me in my life,” adding, “He has always been so supportive of me and all of my dreams. My dad loves me with every ounce of himself and I am so lucky to be his daughter.”


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That included a lot of after school activities; the rocker attended games with Ava as a cheerleader, and her dance recitals. For his part, Richie simply explained, “You know, I ain’t no angel. But I realized, Ava needed me to be around at that point in time. Family had to come first, and that’s what happened.”

Ava and her rockstar dad Richie Sambora
Ava and her rockstar dad Richie Sambora / ImageCollect

Meanwhile, Ava credits her mother with helping her through “very debilitating” bouts of anxiety. Specifically, “she would stop what she was doing and come to comfort me. When I would insist she did not have to, she would stay on the phone with me late into the night, until I was calm enough to sleep. She did everything she could to help me get through those difficult months, from taking me to every doctor’s appointment to giving me tons of books on managing anxiety.” It seems Ava has some good guidance she grew up with, and a support system in the form of an apparent significant other namedTyler Farrar. Congratulations!

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