Have Sciatic Nerve Pain? Try This Super Easy Remedy To Get Rid Of It

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Do you ever experience sciatic nerve pain? It is actually quite common but can be extremely painful. The sciatic nerve is actually the longest nerve in our bodies. It is located at the back of the legs but is stretched from your butt all the way down to your feet. That pain can feel like a shooting pain down the entire length of your leg.

The pain can be sudden and very intense. It really can stop you in your tracks. It can also cause your legs to be tingly, numb or just feel very heavy, almost like you can barely move them. It can be debilitating pain and very frustrating if your nerve gets inflamed or irritated often. If you have sciatic nerve pain, it can be painful to walk, stand, sit, and lay down, which makes resting almost impossible. It can really negatively affect your daily life.

sciatic nerve

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica pain can be treated with medications, but they generally just treat the symptoms and not the root cause of the pain. Natural remedies and certain exercises can help treat the root causes too. Here is a remedy that is said to help heal sciatic nerve pain and only takes about 10 minutes before bed. Read on and let us know if you’ve ever tried this remedy and if it has worked for you or not.

apple cider vinegar

A Natural Sciatic Nerve Pain Remedy

Fill a bucket or your bathtub with about 10 liters of hot water. Next, add a liter of apple cider vinegar and about a handful of salt (Epsom salts work very well). Stir well to mix everything together. Then soak your feet for about 10 minutes or until the water begins to cool down. When you are all finished, dry your feet and head right to bed to relax and sleep. It also helps to wear socks to bed or cover up with a blanket to keep your feet warm and toasty.

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Other Tips for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Make sure to wear socks or slippers in the morning too. It should greatly help with your pain, even after the first time. Try to do it every night and see how you feel. Have you ever tried this natural remedy for sciatic nerve pain? Do you have another remedy that works really well and keeps your pain away?

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