Halloween Trees Are The Newest And Hottest Seasonal Trend

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This just in: Halloween trees are the next big thing and suddenly Christmas trees aren’t the only seasonal decoration on the block. Since the success of DIY projects on Instagram and Pinterest, there has been an uproar of Halloween trees making their ways to the Internet.

According to ABC, approximately 220 million Halloween-related ideas are saved in the U.S. and it can begin as early as July. What’s even more exciting is that Halloween-themed trees are up 135% this year on the same platform! Even other e-commerce websites are getting in on the action to sell their own Halloween trees.

halloween tree

Wayfair, an e-commerce home goods company, recently hopped on the Halloween tree bandwagon. Their sales have increased by 20% year after year by selling the Halloween tree on their website. Apparently, “Halloween tree” is the fourth-highest search product on Wayfair for Halloween decor, proving its rising popularity.

Wayfair spokeswoman Julie Cassetina opened up about the Halloween tree trend, saying, “Despite being a new trend in holiday décor, Halloween trees have already outranked popular products such as ‘Halloween pumpkins,’ ‘Halloween costumes,’ and ‘Halloween candy bowls’ in terms of the number of searches on the site. We have also seen an increase in popularity for Halloween ornaments, lighting and other Halloween tree décor, which further supports the notion that this is a growing trend.”

halloween tree

While purchasing a Halloween tree, in turn, helps small businesses, there’s also the DIY concept that was previously mentioned. Kandi Jung is a seller on Etsy who spends most of her time creating custom holiday decorations for her buyers. She revealed she’s already made a total of four Halloween trees for her customers.

Jung also mentioned how the Halloween tree trend is skyrocketing and it’s important for these first-time participants in the trend repurpose their trees for the next years to come. It’s also possible to repurpose Halloween trees into Christmas trees for the next season!

halloween tree

Need some DIY inspiration? If you’re not a largely creative person, it’s best to take into consideration a theme and to roll with it through and through. It could be a theme revolving around witches, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or even jack-o-lanterns! That way when you’re decorating your tree, you’ll know exactly what to look for and it’ll become much easier.

halloween tree
Kandi Jung / Etsy

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