Fran Drescher Improvised One Iconic Move In ‘Saturday Night Fever’

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Before Fran Drescher was known for The Nanny, she appeared alongside John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. While her part was very small, she did have a very memorable dance with John in the film!

One of her funniest parts of the movie was actually improvised. She opened up about appearing in the ’77 film. She said, “That was, you know, a wonderful opportunity for me. I was still living at home with my parents, and I got that little part, and it just kind of started snowballing.”

Fran Drescher improvised this part in ‘Saturday Night Fever’

THE NANNY, Fran Drescher
THE NANNY, Fran Drescher, (1994), 1993-1999. ph: Cliff Lipson /© CBS /Courtesy Everett Collection

Do you remember the part where she pats John’s butt? She said it was “a delight. And, of course, that wasn’t in the script. That was totally my little improvisation…”

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Years later, Fran ran into John on a red carpet and repeated John’s signature line to her character from Saturday Night Fever. John laughed but his wife was a little concerned until she realized it was a line from the film!

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Fran Drescher, John Travolta, 1977
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, back to front: Fran Drescher, John Travolta, 1977 / Everett Collection

The quote was, “Are you as good in bed as you are on that dance floor?” We can see why John’s wife wouldn’t like another actress asking him that! It was all in fun though once they all realized it was from Saturday Night Fever. In conclusion, watch their scene below:

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