Extremely Valuable And Rare Items You May Have In Your Home

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It is a big dream of many to stumble upon a rare item in their home or in their family home and strike it rich. While this doesn’t happen very often, it is possible! You never know what might be hiding in your attic, basement or in the home of a relative.

Here are some items to look for that might make you rich and some items you might have saved that aren’t worth anything:

1. VHS Tapes


VHS tapes are no longer sold and aren’t really used much anymore. Many people saved their VHS tapes in hopes they would be worth something for their nostalgia one day. Your Disney movies aren’t worth much, but there are a few VHS tapes worth looking for. If you were a collector of horror movies, you might be in luck. There are several movies on VHS tape that weren’t mass produced that can now score you some money.

A few to look for: Gallery of Horror or the original The Evil Dead. However, don’t expect to strike it rich with these. eBay shows them going for around $20, but it is definitely better than pennies.

2. Misprinted and discontinued coins

misprinted coin
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Kind of ironic that misprinted or discontinued coins may be worth more than regular coins. However, there are some that can be a cool find. There is a penny from World War II time that is made of steel that is worth around $10. There is a coin that accidentally says “In God We Rust” instead of “In God We Trust” that is allegedly worth around $100. Check out your old coin collection and see if you can find any strange or very old coins. Have them checked out by a reputable coin dealer.

3. Comic books

comic book

Comic book collectors know that certain comic books can be worth millions. If you used to collect comic books and still have a few in your home, they are worth checking out. For example, the first ever Superman comic went for around $1.4 million! If you have any very old comics, take them to a comic book store to have them checked out, especially if you have first versions or mint condition copies.

4. Oak furniture

oak furniture
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If you have any old oak furniture in your home, you might want to get it appraised to see how much it is worth. It is especially valuable if it is old, handmade American furniture from the 1800s. If you have any furniture that was passed down through many generations, you might want to check it out.

5. Old Star Wars toys


If you still have old Star Wars toys from 40 years ago still in their box, check out how much they are worth! Some of the rare ones that go for a lot of money! Bootleg versions from other countries can also be worth a lot of money because they are very rare.

6. Baseball cards


Last on this list is collectible baseball cards. If you or your children ever collected baseball cards, now is the time to dig them up. Baseball cards have been collected and sold for over 100 years and they are still making people rich. A Ted Williams card from 1954 is said to be worth around $50,000. One of the most valuable cards is a Mickey Mantle card from 1952 that went for $525,000.

If you are interested in learning what other valuable items might be in your home, check out this video!

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