Everything You Don’t Remember About “September” By Earth, Wind & Fire

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Do you remember the 21st night of September? If you didn’t, just check your calendar, you probably remember the 21st night of September thanks to EWF. On November 18th, 1978 the American-born band Earth, Wind & Fire released a song called September and with it claimed ownership of the date, 9/21.

EWF’s RIAA certified Gold single is one of the most recognized songs around today, but what do you actually know about the song? Unless you’re Al McKay, Allee Willis, or Maurice White I have some facts about the song guaranteed to make you the most interesting guest at the table next time you attend a wedding!

Allee Willis recalls the learning experience she had while writing the song

facts about the song "september" by earth wind and fire
Allee Willis / Courtesy Photo/Childstar

“September” was the first song that Willis actually wrote with the band. The learning experience behind the song is as interesting as you’d anticipate. “Their stuff was very much based on Eastern philosophies, an incredibly positive outlook on life; the lyrical content of their songs was not typical of what would have been in soul music at that time. So when I left the studio that first day, Maurice gave me the name of a book, it was called The Greatest Salesman In The World, and he sent me to the Bodhi Tree, which is a very spiritual bookstore here in LA.”

Willis continues, I was pouring through these books for a couple of months. Lyrics started being 25-30 pages long as I’m trying to figure all this stuff out. Reading all that stuff changed me forever. He lead me to a path I’ve stayed on.”

Maurice White reveals how he got the idea for the song

facts about september by earth wind and fire
Earth, Wind & Fire in 1970s / Michael Putland/Getty Images

Willis adds on, “So ‘September’ was fantastic and thrilling, and they had started the intro of it by the time I had walked into the studio to meet everyone. Just as I opened the door and I heard that little guitar intro, I thought, Oh God, please let this be what they want to work with me on. Because it was so obviously a hit.

And what a hit it is! White actually got the idea for the song in a hotel room in Washington DC while there was some kind of protest going on. He says that “There’s all these cats screaming and throwing things and going crazy and this tune just evolved.”

facts about the song september by earth wind & fire
Earth, Wind & Fire / Giphy

Al McKay is also a huge part of the process behind producing this hit tune. Now, he actually is part of a tribute band presenting the Earth, Wind & Fire Experience. The band is called the Al McKay All Stars. McKay recently spoke about the “experience” with Bandwagon, saying that the show is “The sound of the original 70s Earth, Wind & Fire, with a few hip-hop dance moves.”

McKay also says that they’re not trying to be the new Earth, Wind & Fire, but rather pay homage to these timeless classics. He describes the experience as “Instant gratification. An audience that’s grooving with you – it’s the biggest high ever!”

Al McKay and his Earth, Wind & Fire Experience

facts about the song "september" by earth wind & fire
Al McKay / Wikipedia

So, why the 21st of September? Willis had the same question for White because she didn’t know either. She actually reveals that White says there is no real significance for the “21st of September” date in the song. Either way, it has definitely stuck throughout the years!

Do you remember the song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire? Reminisce about the song by watching the music video below. You won’t want to stop groovin’!

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