Employee Refuses To Switch Vacation Week For Co-Workers With Children

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Recently, an employee posted a work-related issue in the Reddit forum “AITA” (Am I the A**hole?). The worker who works for a company that installs, tests, and monitors custom products detailed that everyone in the company had a busy three weeks as they had just completed a customer’s project out of state.

However, some of their team members couldn’t stay away from home for long because of their families, so the company made arrangements, and they were allowed to take turns traveling and visiting their loved ones. During this period, the Reddit user decided not to take days off and was on the job throughout the time— because they are single and didn’t have any family commitments.

Other Co-Workers Wanted The Poster’s Off Days


Surprisingly, the company rewarded the employee with a paid week for Christmas for being diligent at work. However, things took a different turn at the arrival of the news, as other colleagues will have to be on standby during the holiday and may need to be available on short notice when needed.

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The Redditor further explained that since it’s the Christmas season, most of their colleagues want to be home with their families uninterrupted, and they’ve tried everything possible to plead and switch places.

“When they found out I had that week off, they started to try to get me to switch,” the poster wrote on AITA. “Some tried to bribe me with food and other stuff while others tried to beg.”


Redditors comment on the issue

The Reddit poster was taken aback by their co-worker’s selfish request. “I’m feeling really bad about it, but I’ve turned them all down,” the poster revealed. “I don’t have anything to do or anyone to spend Xmas with, but I worked for 3 straight weeks and am burnt out.”

Redditors have come to offer their support as they thought the decision was right and everyone is entitled to free time off work, no matter what they use the time for. “You did the work, you got a reward. Being single doesn’t mean you’re less deserving,” someone commented.

Also, someone noted that the burden of getting time off shouldn’t be on the employee. “If your co-worker has a family emergency she needs to talk to her supervisor and work it out,” while another person affirmed, “This is so not your problem.”

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