Don Most Met His Wife On The Set Of ‘Happy Days’

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Don Most is best known for playing Ralph Malph on Happy Days. Turns out it wasn’t just a great job for his career but for his love life as well! He met the love of his life and his wife while working on the show. Don’s wife is Morgan Hart, who made an appearance as a girl named Angela on the series.

On the show, she played a love interest for Fonzie, but she fell for Don in real life instead! As soon as they met on the set, they started dating and got married about two years after the Happy Days episode aired on television.

Don Most met his wife Morgan Hart while working on ‘Happy Days’

Henry Winkler and Morgan Hart fonzie angela happy days
Henry Winkler and Morgan Hart / ABC

They are still together and have two children! He once said that meeting Morgan and having a family made him realize that money and success weren’t all that he needed in life. He cut back on acting to focus on his family.

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happy days cast
‘Happy Days’ / ABC

Don said, “Having a family made me realize that too much emphasis is placed on things of a material nature. Sure, it’s important to [have security], but the emphasis on [wealth] is out of balance. There are so many other things that can bring you peace and contentment.”

don most wife morgan hart
Don Most and wife Morgan at the Happy Days 30th Anniversary Reunion at the Museum of Television & Radio, Beverly Hills, CA. 01-27-05 / s_bukley/Image Collect

Before they got married, Don said that he was a little nervous about being an actor and getting married to an actress. He said, “I was concerned about possible career conflicts. Egos come into play, such as when one person is doing better professionally than the other. There’s also the chance to meet lots of interesting and attractive people. In our situation, I think we can work it out.”

It sounds like it was meant to be!

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