Dolly Parton Sings “Try” During Virtual Benefit For Homeless Children

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Dolly Parton recently shared a virtual performance of her beautiful song “Try.” The performance was to benefit Covenant House, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless youth. They provide aid to homeless and abused children and teenagers.

In the video, Dolly said, “Shelter at home means one thing when you have a home. But what does it mean when you don’t? And how about when you’re a kid on the streets? It’s scary for a lot of kids right now.” She also sent a “heart full of love” to those who work tirelessly at Covenant House.

Dolly Parton sings “Try” to benefit homeless youth

dolly parton performing
Dolly Parton / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Before she sang “Try,” she told the kids, “I believe in you, I love you, I’m praying for you, rooting for you, more than you can imagine, and may God bless you all.” Then she performed her song, which is a tear-jerker for many fans. Some of the lyrics say:

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“I have chased after rainbows
I’ve captured one or two
I’ve reached for the stars
I’ve even held a few
I’ve walked that lonesome valley
Topped the mountains, soared the sky
I’ve laughed and I have cried
But I have always tried.”

dolly parton a night of covenant house star performances
Dolly Parton / Covenant House International/Getty Images for A Night of Covenant House Stars

I’ve always been a dreamer
And dreams are special things
But dreams are of no value
If they’re not equipped with wings
So secure yourself for climbing
Make ready for the flight
Don’t let your chance go by
You’ll make it if you try.”

In conclusion, watch Dolly’s performance below:

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