Dolly Parton Opens Up About How She Related To Elvis Presley

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While Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton never met, Dolly always believed that she could relate to Elvis in many ways. She once said, “I always felt that we were kin. I feel like I know exactly how he was.”

She desperately wanted to meet him and see him live, but she said something always kept her from going to his show! She admitted, “There were other people I liked to hear sing better, but there was nobody that I ever related to more. He was very loving, very emotional, very sensitive, very giving, very humble, thankful, grateful.”

Dolly Parton said she always related to Elvis Presley

JAILHOUSE ROCK, Elvis Presley, 1957
JAILHOUSE ROCK, Elvis Presley, 1957 / Everett Collection

Dolly said she also related to how Elvis was very much into his faith. She said that he would always talk about God and religion and she generally agreed with everything that he said about it. It seems that they both grew up listening to Gospel music.

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JOYFUL NOISE, Dolly Parton, 2012
JOYFUL NOISE, Dolly Parton, 2012. ph: Van Redin/©Warner Bros. Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Of course, Dolly could have met Elvis when his manager Colonel Tom Parker asked Dolly to give up half the publishing rights to the song “I Will Always Love You.” She didn’t agree to that so Elvis never sang her famous song.

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY, Elvis Presley, 1966
FRANKIE AND JOHNNY, Elvis Presley, 1966 / Everett Collection

Dolly said that she had a dream that she made things right with Elvis before he died about the song issue. Sadly, she was never able to but she wrote a song about her dream and called it “I Dreamed About Elvis Last Night.” Listen to the song below:

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