Dolly Parton Finally Shared What Her Real Hair Looks Like Now

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Dolly Parton famously wears wigs and has tons of them in her closet! She hasn’t shown her real hair since the very start of her career. However, she did recently discuss what her hair looks like now, like how long it is and what her natural color is.

Dolly loves wearing makeup and wigs and in fact, she wakes up every day at 3 am to make sure she looks her best! She even wears makeup during the night in case of an emergency. Dolly also has a wig for every occasion you can think of because she never wants to risk a bad hair day.

Dolly Parton talked about her natural hair length and color

NINE TO FIVE, (aka 9 TO 5), Dolly Parton, 1980
NINE TO FIVE, (aka 9 TO 5), Dolly Parton, 1980, TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. Courtesy: Everett Collection

However, Dolly doesn’t really wear her wigs at home. She keeps her hair pretty natural… as natural as it gets for her anyway! Dolly said, “I keep my own hair the same color and a little longer than shoulder length, just to the top of my boob…. That way I can just pull it up with a little scrunchie. I was born blond and couldn’t wait to get it blonder. I started buying peroxide as soon as I could afford it! I just am a blonde. That’s just my nature. It’s me.”

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CHRISTMAS AT DOLLYWOOD, Dolly Parton, (aired Dec. 8, 2019). photo: Curtis Hilbun / ©Hallmark Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

She said at the beginning of her career she always wore her hair teased and full of volume. She said, “Whenever that style started, I was the first to get my hair all poofy. Then as soon as I could buy those hairpieces and wigs, I wanted them. For one thing, they were so handy. Plus, my hair would never do exactly what I wanted it to do. So the wigs became kind of my trademark.”

What do you think of Dolly’s wigs?

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