Dog ‘Frozen’ With Tetanus Nursed Out Of Paralyzed State By Devoted Vet

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A dog who was frozen solid with tetanus was nursed back to health and out of a paralyzed state by a loving vet. Dr. Ali Thompson is the name behind the loving veterinarian who helped nurse a 7-month-old pit bull named Bunny back to health. She could not walk or even move due to a very severe case of tetanus. She needed 24/7 care due to the fact she could not do anything without assistance. But, that soon changed.

Ali and her husband both devoted their time to Bunny’s intensive rehabilitation. The rehab process involved IV medications, syringe feedings, hygiene maintenance, and physical therapy. Additionally, due to the fact that Bunny experienced spasms due to sound or light, she often needed to be kept in a dark, quiet place. After just two weeks of devotion and care, Bunny began to lift her head up on her own.

Bunny makes an incredible transformation after being frozen solid from tetanus

Dog 'Frozen' With Tetanus Nursed Out Of Paralyzed State By Vet
Dog Bunny paralyzed like stone from tetanus / YouTube Screenshot

By day 21, Bunny had made a complete and total transformation. She was able to move without going into any spasms! One day, Ali even came home to find Bunny stand completely on her own. People have been serving up an outpouring of love for Bunny and specifically for Ali and her dedication to helping this poor dog.

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“I have never seen the effects of Tetanus before and that was just horrific to watch. Thank you for not giving up on this beautiful puppy. 🙏” someone writes. Another says, “Some people can’t even take care of their own children and here is a lady who takes care of a paralyzed dog. She is an amazing human being.”

Dog 'Frozen' With Tetanus Nursed Out Of Paralyzed State By Devoted Vet
Bunny today with Ali beside her / YouTube Screenshot

Check out the video below to see Bunny’s incredible transformation! Go Bunny!

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