David Cassidy Feared He Would End Up Just Like His Mother

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David Cassidy was a huge star in the 1970s. While he had his fair share of addiction troubles, he did have one big fear as well. His mother and grandfather had dementia and David always feared that he would end up with the disease as well.

David became famous after the musical series The Partridge Family where he played Keith Douglas Partridge. He was soon a teenage heartthrob and had a successful solo career. Years later, he worked in Las Vegas as a co-producer and writer of the show The Rat Pack is Back! He continued to go on tour and unfortunately began to forget his own lyrics and stumble on stage.

David Cassidy said he always feared getting dementia like his mother had

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, David Cassidy, (1971), 1970-1974
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, David Cassidy, (1971), 1970-1974. ph: John Melanson / TV Guide / courtesy Everett Collection

He soon revealed to the world that he had dementia. His fans chalked up his strange behavior to his debilitating disease. Around the same time, David was also still being treated for addiction. He went to rehab in 2014 after his third arrest related to drinking. His wife, Sue Shifrin filed for divorce because she couldn’t deal with it anymore. Things were going downhill fast. Due to his addictions, he found himself with financial problems as well.

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THE SPIRIT OF '76, David Cassidy, 1990
THE SPIRIT OF ’76, David Cassidy, 1990, © Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection

Sadly, David died in 2017 of organ failure. It was later revealed that he did not have dementia, but severe alcoholism and liver problems. Even with his liver issues, he continued to drink heavily. David was 67 years old when he died and left behind two children.

POPSTAR, David Cassidy, 2005
POPSTAR, David Cassidy, 2005, (c) Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection

Such a sad story!

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