Daughter Steps Into The Past By Wearing Mom’s 1970s Pan Am Uniform

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With the world in a constant state of change, everyday items from the past today are treasured glimpses at a whole other life. TikTok user “sensitive_studio” showed appreciation for this concept when she retrieved her mother’s flight attendant uniform, worn with Pan Am in the ’70s, and put it on herself.

Short for Pan American Airways, Pan Am first took flight in the 1920s, some 95 years ago. It is remembered as one of the first and largest air carriers of the U.S. throughout the 20th century. While having attendants started with other, international, airlines, Pan Am – along with Western Airlines – was the first to employ attendants to serve food. Responsibilities have since grown and uniforms changed but this TikTok is a great way to revisit the past!

A TikTok user breaks out her mom’s old Pan Am flight attendant uniform


My dad worked at Herman Miller but my mom worked at Pan Am ✈ #panam #fashionhistory

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On New Year’s Eve, sensitive_studio looked to the future by embracing the past with a nostalgic TikTok video. “My dad worked at Herman Miller,” the user captioned the post, “but my mom worked at Pan Am.” Additional text in the video itself promised viewers exactly what they got, “Trying on my Mom’s Pan Am flight attendant uniform from the 1970s.”

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The video itself shows her going through the process of dressing up in the elegant outfit, which has plenty of layers and additional details that need securing, from a tiny bag to a hat in need of some linting off. The signature flight attendant scarf starts off looking quite big, opened up like a big square flag, but she ties it expertly into that recognizable knot around her neck.

What history still has to teach

Flight attendant uniforms looked very different in the 1970s
Flight attendant uniforms looked very different in the 1970s / TikTok

The video has proven a very informative and transformative experience for the flight attendant’s daughter and for the 1.1 million TikTok viewers who have so far watched the video. “WHEN FLYING WAS A HIGHCLASS EVENT,” one user captioned their reply, adding, “Real food, real utensils, pilot wings and Panam bags for everyone.”

Pan Am is a huge part of air travel history
Pan Am is a huge part of air travel history / Flickr

Another shared, “I started at Pan Am in 1979, and have 2 complete Edith Head Uniforms including 1 of the GORGEOUS, 100%wool coats she designed.” Head also served as a costume designer and for her work, she won a historic eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design. One outfit comes with a lot of history! Check out the video below on the Golden Age of Flying to relive more memories!

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