Danica McKellar Reveals 10th Book And Two New Hallmark Movies

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While Danica McKellar may be best known for her role on The Wonder Years, her career certainly hasn’t slowed down since. She recently released her 10th book and is working on two upcoming Hallmark movies.

Danica’s latest book is called The Times Machine! and is part of a series for kids. Many of her books are educational. She has a series that helps kids, teens, and even adults with math. In her books, she uses cartoons and graphics to make learning more fun.

Danica McKellar has been busy

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Back at it! 🤗 Today's work-from-home zoom fashion ensemble features a pale blue BCBG cut-out dress… and lipstick print pajama bottoms my husband gave me years ago. 🤣 . . Today I'm here doing press interviews about schooling at home this fall, and chatting about my new book that can help: "The Times Machine: Learn Multiplication and Division, Like, Yesterday!" 😍 My tenth (!) @mckellarmath book; it's aimed at 2nd-5th grade kids, teaching multiplication and division with humor, comics, cartoons, and of course time travel, too! 🚀 . . . I'm so thrilled to be able to provide a much-needed resource for parents during this strange time for education. Help is here! 🎉 . . . I can't wait to hear about the giggles and success the book brings you guys. And I *love* when you send me pics of your kids with my @mckellarmath books – keep 'em coming! 😍 . . . #TheTimesMachine #multiplication #division #mathbook #mathhelp #mathchat #pajamas #pubday #pressday #ootd ❤

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The description for The Times Machine! reads, “Join Mr. Mouse and Ms. Squirrel and experience an entirely new way of memorizing multiplication facts. Using colorful stories, silly rhymes, and more, actress, author, and math whiz Danica McKellar helps to break down the rules of multiplication and to translate many of the (often confusing!) multiplication and division methods taught in today’s classrooms. This lively “times” travel adventure is an entertaining *lifesaver* for frustrated kids and parents everywhere.”

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In addition, she is also working on two Hallmark movies, although the production has obviously been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. She hopes to begin shooting this fall. Danica said, “It looks like we’re going to be shooting a Christmas movie and a matchmaker mystery movie, both of them sometime in the fall. I’m looking forward to it. I love doing those things.”

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Hey there, lovelies! Just checking in on you… and sending a reminder that when you are feeling weighed down by current events or anything else, keep fighting for love and peace. . . How? Create love and peace for others. Spend time in nature. Get enough sleep. Meditate/pray. Put on a smile and help someone out. Breathe deeply. Drink water and make healthy food choices. Encourage others. Play uplifting music. Get some exercise especially when you don't have it in you, even just for a few minutes. Fake it till you make it. Make a list if these things and see how many you can do each day…❤ . . . And then, here and there, love and peace – and a feeling of lightness – will find YOU. 🙏 . . . How do you fight for love and peace during these times? Tell me below! . . . Sending love and peace to all of you on this beautiful Tuesday! 🤗

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For instance, Danica has previously starred in several Hallmark movies including Christmas at Grand Valley, Very, Very Valentine, Love In Design, and Coming Home for Christmas.

If you are interested in her books for your children, or yourself, you can check them out here. We hope that those Hallmark movies start filming soon so we can watch them!

In conclusion, watch Danica quiz Jimmy Fallon on Palindromes, which are words or phrases that read the same way forward and backward:

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