Couple Celebrating Anniversary Finds 1.9-Carat Diamond In A Crater

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Anniversaries are days that remind people of unforgettable events, steps, and achievements that have taken place in their lives. The way we celebrate this memorable date differs from one person to another. Most individuals like to personalize their engagement to mark this special day, depending on whether it calls for celebration.

Recently, a Minnesota couple, Jessica and Seth Erickson, who celebrated their wedding anniversary in a unique way at the Crater of Diamond State Park located in Arkansas, aroused the interest of the public when they made a grand discovery. The lovers found a 1.9-carat diamond at the tourist site, which operates a “Finders, Keepers” policy.

The lucky couple

Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash

To commemorate their ten years anniversary as a couple, Jessica and Seth planned an 11-states road trip that included a visit to Crater of Diamond State Park, which they learned about nine years ago.

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The lovebirds arrived at the tourist site on the 4th of November, after which they met with the park’s regular visitor, who educated them on the best method to use during their search. Jessica and Seth started digging for hours until the latter found a shiny object at the base of his screen during wet sifting.

Jessica and Seth found a diamond


The excited couple took the sparkling ice-tea-colored stone and dashed to the discovery center of the park, where they got the confirmation that they had discovered a 1.9-carat diamond. According to the park’s rules, this is amazing news for the soulmates who are eligible to keep the gem as a trophy.

Jessica and Seth named the diamond after their children, probably to symbolize the growth that has happened in their family through the decade. The couple dubbed the precious stone “HIMO” with each letter standing for the initials of their kids.

Crater Of Diamond State Park talks about Jessica and Seth’s discovery

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

The park made a statement through its official interpreter, Tayler Markham, who described the method used by the couples. “Two screens are used to wet sift. The top screen has a bigger mesh size, one-quarter of an inch, while the bottom screen is smaller, about 1/16 of an inch,” Tayler explained. “Guests submerge screen sets in water to wash away the soil. Once the soil is removed, the gravel is then separated by size and weight to make diamonds easier to find.”

Also, she noted that almost three-fourths of all the diamonds that had been registered at the site were found by this method.

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