Company Gives Employees $10 Million In Bonuses For The Holidays

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One company gave its employees a holiday bonus of a lifetime. The real estate company St. John Properties in Maryland had a surplus of $10 million. While many companies give large bonuses to executives, this company split the $10 million amongst all of their employees.

The employees were surprised at their annual holiday party. St. John Properties employs 198 people and the average employee received around $50,000 as a bonus. However, the money was given out based on how long they worked at the company. For instance, a brand new hire that hasn’t started work yet received $100. The largest bonus was $270,000! Can you imagine?

Employees were given $10 million in bonuses

st john properties
Bonus announcement / Vimeo

Stephanie Ridgway, an assistant project manager at the company said, “When I opened the envelope, I was in total disbelief. I couldn’t believe I saw what I saw. I don’t even have words to properly describe how I felt, it was just amazing and incredible. I’m still in shock. It’s definitely life-changing.”

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shocked employee
Shocked employee / Vimeo

In addition, the president of the company, Lawrence Maykrantz said the company reached its major goal this year. They developed 20 million square feet in real estate. He revealed, “We wanted to do something to thank all our employees for helping us achieve our goal, and we wanted to do something big.”

employees hugging
Employees hugging / Vimeo

He continued, “It was truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Everyone was all overwhelmed with emotions. They were screaming, crying, laughing, hugging. People were lining up to hug us, and kiss us, and shake our hands, and they told us story after story of what they’re going to use their bonuses for. People are now debt-free, they’re paying off their credit cards, their mortgages, their tuition, and student loans.”

excited employees bonus
Excited employees / Vimeo

In addition, the company also flew in all of its out-of-state employees and their guests. St. John Properties has eight different branches around the country. What a great story of holiday cheer!

In conclusion, Lawrence said, “We are so proud of our employees. They are the foundation and the reason behind the success of our company. And we wanted a big way to thank them, and I think we were successful in doing that.”

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