Chaos Ensues After Monorail In Disney Shuts Down During Mass Exit

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Chaos erupted at Disney after the monorail shut down during a mass exit at the park. Guests were trying to exit at the end of the day when the monorail completely shut down for some unknown reason, which left the ferry as the only mode of transportation out of the park (Magic Kingdom).

As one could expect, the mass flood of crowds all attempting to exit the park ended up flooding the entranceway, causing a lot of distress as people tried to find a way out. A video showing it all was shared on Reddit by user Reddit from u/kelevmilky.

Chaos ensues at Disney after monorail shuts down during mass exit

The monorail was down tonight at Magic Kingdom right after the fireworks. The ferry was the only option… from WaltDisneyWorld

“That’s literally my nightmare,” one user commented. Another chimed in about the usage of the ferry, saying, “Most nights they run 3 ferries at closing time. Each one has a capacity of 600 passengers and they turn them pretty quickly. Even on the busiest nights, the wait time is usually less than 20 minutes.” Some Reddit users were arguing that these people could just simply walk out of the park instead of taking a monorail or ferry. One user says, “Honestly the walk is a little horrifying especially after walking the whole park. I went through it last night because the ferries looked like a nightmare. Once I got to GF I just ordered an Uber because I was parked in Epcot from park hopping.”

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Guests try to leave Disney park after monorail shuts down / Reddit Video Screenshot

The original poster of the video, who obviously happened to be there while this was all going down, managed to get out of there and to the parking lot in about 20 minutes. This is only just a small part of what has been happening at Walt Disney World, as more and more complaints have been pouring in about how the guest experience at the park has been on the decline, with prices surging.

Walt Disney World monorail
Walt Disney World monorail / Wikimedia Commons

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